Who Is Affected by Paternity Fraud?

Some resources on paternity fraud go so far as to label it a type of domestic violence against men and children.
Defrauded Man: The man indicated as the father, who has no actual biological ties to the child in question, can be financially and emotionally burdened by paternity fraud. If he’s ordered to pay child support, his financial means may be greatly diminished.

The Child/Children: Effects of paternity fraud go beyond the potential emotional trauma of having the children’s identities shaken by learning that “father” isn’t actually related to them. Child victims of paternity fraud also face health risks from not knowing the medical history of biological fathers and risk factors.

The Real Father: When a false father is identified, the biological father is denied a relationship with his child or children.
The Defrauded Man’s Family: “False fathers” often pay child support, taking away that support from their true families. Funneling significant amounts of money toward child support means less money is left over for shelter, food, clothing and education for the man’s biological family.

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