Total client reviews to date: 290

Howard helped me win a Contempt and regain regular parenting schedule with my children.

Posted by Michael, August 7, 2017
For years my ex-wife refused to follow the agreed upon parenting schedule. I filed many contempts against her, but the Judge never ruled in my favor. Howard was successful and proving to the court that my ex-wife is not credible. She was found in contempt and now follows the order, and I have a great relationship with my kids. Thanks, Howard!

Dedicated, compassionate, strong advocate

Posted by Joseph, July 25, 2017
When I first met with Howard, I knew I he had the compassion, strength and competence to advocate for me and the best interests of my children. He was always supportive and responsive to my concerns throughout the process of modifying my parenting plan, including during off-hours. His dedication to me, as his client, was superior to prior attorneys I have engaged with, and we were successful at protecting the best interests of my children. His experience and dedication to me as a client led to our success. I would highly recommend him to my closest friends and family, and anyone else looking for a superior attorney who will make you feel comfortable during what could be a very emotionally draining process. Thanks Howard!!

Successful Child Support case

Posted by client, April 4, 2017
I hired Howard Lewis to be my attorney and by doing so I now have joint custody and I get to see my kid more and got favored a clear agreement of payment
I would recommend him and his firm.

Time well spent

Posted by Bill, March 3, 2017
Howard’s consultation and advice for my consideration of the proper course of action that I should pursue in the next 12-18 months was invaluable. It will help me immensely as I contemplate the process of modification to my original divorce agreement. His wealth of experience and thorough understanding of the court system in Norfolk County that I will be engaged is absolutely essential when it comes to working with a professional that will eventually assist you in navigating through the byzantine world of Massachusetts divorce. As an aside, the office staff was warm and congenial making me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked into the office. All in all, a great experience.

Excellent lawyer

Posted by Client, February 7, 2017
I hired Howard because he had a reputation of fighting hard for his clients and I needed someone to go up against my husband and his lawyers. As soon as I met him, I knew he would be just what I needed to protect and help me. This is a very difficult process and Howard made himself available day and night for me and my family. His knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. I highly recommend Howard and his firm.

Round two with Howard Lewis at my side.

Posted by Beverly, February 1, 2017
Howard represented me for a second time in a second contempt. He was very clear in explaining this to a new judge who saw us for the first time. He painted a true picture of complete disregard for my divorce decree on my ex’s behalf. I won the case once again!

Howard helped me and my kids

Posted by Sarah, January 30, 2017
My husband was not following our divorce agreement, he was not paying child support for months and was hiding some of his income. We went to court and won. On top of it all the judge awarded my husband to pay my attorney fees. So hopefully now he wont do it again.

Smart, strategic, compassionate

Posted by client, July 30, 2016
Howard and his team are outstanding! Howard is a sharp strategist and truly cares for his clients. He immediately recognized my husbands personality issues and knew how to use this to our advantage (he is clearly very familiar with personality disorders as he used terms that only make sense for ‘insiders’ who have dealt with manipulative, aggressive people with power/control issues). I can highly recommend him!

Reliable Assistance when you need it most

Posted by Steve, June 23, 2016
I have again turned to Howard Lewis to assist me with custody proceedings. Howard’s responsiveness, knowledge and authenticity during a complex divorce case kept me stable and successful. Howard and his team were always engaged when needed and always made good value of my retainer by utilizing the right staff member for the right task. I highly recommend Howard.

Outstanding Attorney

Posted by client, June 22, 2016
Attorney Lewis provided excellent and quality service. I always felt that my needs were met and that the firm was invested in me and my case. They were easily accessible, got back to me quickly, aggressive and got me the results that I wanted. Attorney Lewis, his associates, and his staff all produced the quality of an attorney that anyone would want when hiring a family law attorney.

Fabulous Result with Howard Lewis

Posted by client, June 21, 2016
I had lost all hope that I would get through my horrible divorce before I met with Howard. He and his incredible team not only got me through the process, but I was able to get primary parenting of my kids and a favorable property settlement. Thank you Howard and team for giving my case your personal attention and getting me my life back!

Experienced, professional and respectful

Posted by Anne, June 21, 2016
The quality services I received were remarkable. From the initial meeting they were responsive to my calls, questions and concerns. All issues were handled professionally and timely. Billing rates VERY fair! I would recommend Howard Lewis at Lewis|Brea.

Knowledgeable and Responsive Attorney

Posted by client, May 4, 2016
Howard and his team are very professional and helpful. He responds to requests in a timely manner and really showed the personal level services I expected.

Excellent and powerful representation

Posted by Maury, April 20, 2016
Howard represented me in court yesterday for the first time and very impressed. Howard is concise and very powerful with his words leaving no stone unturned. Howard consistently pushed back on the opposing attorney and did not back down, swaying the Judge to allow certain motions that she wasn’t going to allow earlier. After seeing Howard in action yesterday, I have total confidence my settlement will exceed my expectations. I highly recommend Howard.


Outstanding Attorney

Posted by client, March 9, 2016
A caring, passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable and excellent attorney to have represent me in my divorce case. Not only does he deeply care about the case, he cares about me as a person and how I am handling it all. He is definitely someone you want on your side to help you through. I highly recommend him.

Superb, Smart, Knowledgeable and Communicative

Posted by client, January 4, 2016
Attorney Howard represented me in a complicated divorce case. He is a very smart and compassionate family attorney who knows his stuff. He was always available on the phone/email and respond to my queries promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients. I not only found an excellent attorney but a great friend as well.

Out of State Client

Posted by client, December 31, 2015
Attorney Howard Lewis and his law firm were eager to help me finally bring a twenty year divorce process to closure. As I was an out-of-state client, he made every effort to keep me involved and apprised of my ex-husband’s many, many, many filings. That in itself, wasn’t easy! It was reassuring to know that this law firm took my predicament seriously and made every effort to resolve what had been a long ordeal. With Attorney Lewis’ dedication, I was finally able to separate myself from years of legal harassment.


Posted by client, December 30, 2015
I hired Howard to represent me for my divorce. He was thorough and did a great job of dealing with my wife’s attorney. We eventually settled out of court, which was great since it saved a lot of money and time. Highly recommended!

Super Lawyer

Posted by Pritam, December 21, 2015
Excellent service from start to finish.
Very knowledgable and very kind.
Always keep you updated with progress of the case.
Five star to Howard.

Phenomenal Results

Posted by Linda, December 19, 2015
Howard and the entire team were outstanding in helping me through my divorce. What could have been an absolute nightmare for my children and me was handled swiftly, fairly and with dignity. Thank you all for getting me and my children our lives back!

Case Settled

Posted by client, December 17, 2015
Howard and his wonderful team helped me recently to settle my prolonged multi-year divorce case which involved custody of our child. EX was extremely spiteful, lied up till the end and did everything to try to make my life miserable. Ex even had opposing counsels (yes, with an s) employ unethical tactics to try to make me give up including dragging the case on and on. Howard brought in Ann, Ruth, Julie and others to help me with the case (often without any extra charges.) Their professionalism dealt with the situation and helped chip away at the problem.

During this prolonged struggle, Howard showed up to court for me on his birthday. Howard even showed up to court for me after he had a car accident and doctor told him not to drive and to get some rest, but nevertheless he got himself to court to represent me.

Howard and Ann stood up to the nonsense that the EX and opposing counsel concocted and hurled our way. Howard even stood up and spoke up for me in front of the Judge when required because it was the right thing to do.

Highly recommended

Posted by client, December 5, 2015
Howard and his associate Josh helped me through the most painful time in my life. Ive always read how messy and revengeful divorce can be. This was not the case at all, I was so grateful for Howard and Josh’s commitment to my case. They were always reachable and responsive reassuring me throughout the process. I never felt uniformed to unaware of the next steps or potential hang ups. They were sensitive, thoughtful and detailed. The amount of time spent with me even during my free consultation was impressive, from there I knew I had found the perfect balance between a knowledgable professional and real person who got how devastating and life changing it all can be.

Excellent Attorney Who Cares About Their Clients!

Posted by Harish, September 30, 2015
I first contacted Howard, after looking up his reviews on Avvo. During my consultation, he provided the level of confidence I was expecting. Not did only did he help me through my divorce, but he fought my case as if I were a part of his family. There were several instances where he was available to speak to me on very short notice, and at least one instance where I walked into his office with a major concern and no appointment, which he helped resolve right away. While the opposing counsel turned out be a freak who would not communicate in a timely manner and put forth continuations in the last minute, Howard and his firm addressed all the issues and handled them in a highly professional manner.

On the judgement day, we walked in to the court with an agreement that was reviewed again and again for several months. The expectation was that, we would go in with the agreement and walk out divorced within short time. However, the opposing counsel raised some issues so he can bill my ex for extra hours. Howard, however did not charge me for the full day. His firm is lenient with the fees. Their interest is more with the client and the client’s protection than the money.

I am glad I got a chance to work with Howard and his firm. I personally recommend their firm for all your divorce and family matters.

Dedicated, Fair, Honest and caring

Posted by client, September 29, 2015
I can write all day long and it still won’t be enough to praise how dedicated and fair this attorney is. Howard is selfless, he fights to fair and just, he fights for what is right. Specially when innocent children are caught in the ugly mess of divorce/custody battles, and the other party is being extremely harsh, inconsiderate, vindictive and egositic. What Howard did for me, find an attorney who would do that. He out himself on the line for me, without caring about himself, he spoke out for what he believed to be the truth, fair and honesty, keeping in mind the mistakes that the agencies make in dealing with crucial matters. Battle for me has not been easy, it has ben an emotional, financial and physical challange for me but Howard and his team made sure to be there for me and make the journey smoother for me. Everytime I walk out of his office after meeting with him, I feel confident, I feel secure and I feel trusted. More to come once it is all over…

Communicative and attentive

Posted by Steph, September 18, 2015
I contacted the attorney to assist me in some paperwork before I got married. Howard was very reassuring during our initial consultation and his office made me feel very at ease with the whole process. I received updates as and when necessary, as well as weekly statements so I knew where I stood the entire time. I would not hesitate to use this law firm again should I need further assistance in the future.

The consummate professional

Posted by Meg, August 29, 2015
Attorney Lewis and his firm were anxious to help, organized and confident from the moment they heard my case. I did not have any reservations in trusting them with handling my difficult divorce. He was professional and sensitive in all of my dealings with him, and as a woman I really appreciated that. He was very positive and assured me that he would stand by me with other members of his firm if I had to go to trial. Thanks to their efforts, I was able to settle out of court and got everything I needed.

A heart for the client!

Posted by Candace, July 9, 2015
My son, Eric, was faced with a devastating scenario. His wife had taken his kids and ran with them to another state some 1500 miles away. He was left with no means to get around (having lost the only vehicle they shared as a family) and was in no position to keep up with all of the expenses of maintaining and home. Most frustrating was the fact that the authorities would do nothing because he and his wife were still married. She was allowed to simply pack up everything (while he was at work) and abscond with his children.

With Eric now living with me in Massachusetts and feeling lost and helpless, it was imperative that we find someone to speak and act on his behalf. We began the search for an attorney who would be willing to answer the tough questions. In searching the internet, I found the Avvo site and found Howard and his firm.

From the first conversation over the phone and on into our first consultation, we found Howard to be warm and supportive. He pulled his team together to begin the tough process of working across state jurisdictions in an effort to ensure that Eric’s rights were protected. This was not your average divorce case and Howard and his team did not always have the ready answer. However, they did everything it took to find the answers and to provide their professional expertise in resolving each issue as it arose.

Thanks to Howard and his team for being the strong support we needed in a time that is trying, at best.

Compassionate, Professional Attorney

Posted by client, June 25, 2015
Howard Lewis was excellent in dealing with my case and the issues that had come up and dealt with them in a timely and compassionate manner. I would highly recommend him and his firm.

Amazing results and honered the retainer fee

Posted by Don, June 19, 2015
Howard did a great job representing me in my divorce, there were several items and conditions that were very important for me to keep, and I was told by two previous lawyers I had an unrealistic expectation of a settlement. When I met with Howard he told me my expectations were possible with some non-typical strategies. Even though the case took longer than expected Howard kept to his original price and in the end my settlement exceeded my expectations. If you need a clever, seasoned, honest, hardworking attorney Howard is your man.

Need Relief from Alimony Burden

Posted by client, June 17, 2015
My situation was not governed by the “new” Massachusetts alimony reform law and I needed HELP to get a 25 year-old alimony decree modified to lower my cash out flow. At 72 years-old it was seemingly inevitable I would be paying alimony for the rest of my life which was a very unpleasant prospect considering my situation. I contacted Howard Lewis to find out what might be done to lower the alimony payments. After he probed for the facts and completely understood my situation: He said the Law was not in my favor but he would proceed without a guarantee of outcome (it was a 50/50 shot) if I wanted him to do so. I gave him the go-ahead. The results were not instant however, the final result was I didn’t have to pay ANY alimony anymore. The result Howard achieved for me was beyond my expectation. I am grateful and so glad I called Howard Lewis

Awesome Job!!!

Posted by Ron, June 15, 2015
Worked with Howard and Ann K on my divorce case. Howard did an exceptional job!!!! First and foremost, Howard was incredibly understanding to all my needs and requests. There was absolutely no stress or drama in his office and put everything at ease. Howard was fantastic in the courtroom and his knowledge during the proceedings were instrumental in my favor. I would certainly recommend Mr. Lewis and his knowledgeable staff. Best decision I made for hiring a divorce attorney hands down. Thank you Howard and staff!!!

Great attorney very knowledgable would highly recommend him to friends and family!

Posted by Client, May 2015
My divorce was extremely complicated due to my ex wife being an attorney herself. She was unwilling to be fair after the trial and judgement that was given by the court. After numerous times of trying to deal with her attorney alone I decided to reach out to attorney Howard Lewis for assistance. He was very kind, thorough and understanding of the situation. He was very patient with them given the situation. If you are looking for someone who is looking for your best interest and willing to actually listen to your needs and worries during a difficult situation this is the right attorney for you. He also provides you his contact information where he can be reached at all times unlike some attorneys who you’ll leave a voicemail for and never get a return phone call for sometimes one or two days which can be very frustrating. I would highly recommend attorney Howard Lewis..

Looking for a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate? Hire Howard!

Posted by Client, May 2015
Howard is very personable, approachable and has a good relationship with the court as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the trade. This is a plus if you are dealing with sensible soon to be ex’es who want to move on and act like adults. But he is also a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate when you are dealing with a case like mine. He is a bull dog when confronting non-reasonable people.

Howard is no push over. When the other side tried to use coercive tactics, Howard pushed back. There were periods where I thought Howard was putting his career on the line for me as he powerfully, passionately, vigorously and non reservedly spoke up to the Court. Howard later told me that he did it because he felt that it was the right thing to do. He had to let the court know the truth no matter what. I was touched.

Howard has been a dedicated counsel and friend. I feel bad that I am eating into his personal time, but Howard constantly assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.

Great Attorney

Posted by Iryna, May 2015
Howard helped me get an excellent settlement agreement, under difficult circumstances, in less than one year. I was divorced at the pre-trial hearing because he worked very hard to get the agreement done by that date so that I could avoid the trouble and expense of going to trial. He made sure I understood and agreed to every aspect of the settlement.

When needed, he steered me away from pursuing trivial issues based on emotions, and I appreciated his candor and common sense.

Howard is practical, knowledgeable, and a demonstrated a leader in family law leader.
I would highly recommend Howard.

Thank you Howard

Posted by Client, Apirl 2015
Attorney Howard Lewis has regained for my daughter, my wife and me the serenity that we had lost when my daughter’s divorce battles began. After so many difficult moments, particularly concerning my granddaughter’s safety and happiness, Howard fought for “her best interest”, and got what we justly wanted. Our faith translated into the name of Howard Lewis; he has given us back the joy to live.

Exceptional, Outstanding, Superb…. there are no words that are good enough to describe Howard & Ann!

Posted by C., April 2015
Attorney Lewis & Attorney Karpenski are the best lawyers you could ever ask for. My divorce and custody battle has been a complicated and a long one. My previous lawyer had been incompetent, but Howard and Ann have exceeded my expectations. Not only are they great lawyers but they have taken my case as if it were their own and have never left my side, even during holidays, weekends and weeknights… at anytime, they were always available. They have even gone out of their way to check on me and make sure I was alright. I don’t have words to thank them enough for everything they have done. I am extremely grateful for the both of them.

Be sure, that with Howard and Ann by your side, you have nothing to fear. They are knowledgeable and amazing people.

They have fought to great extent for me and my child and there are just no words to thank them enough for this.


Posted by Elaine, April 2015
Wow! What a top notched attorney! Howard took my case with 2 days notice of a court hearing and everything was pulled together beautifully without hesitation. Howard and team did an outstanding job and ended up winning my case! The judge ruled in my favor and dismissed everything! I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a family law attorney. Excellent response time, very knowledgeable and someone who will fight for you. I am so thankful I chose him! Thank you, Howard, Josh and Jana! You are amazing!

Smart and knowledgeable

Posted by Doyle, March 2015
The first meeting i had Howard he told me he would have my best interest always in mind. Howard and his team would work on my case as if it was their own case. I would like to thank Howard and his team for all of there hard work on my case.

Caring and Dependable

Posted by AGL, February 2015
During a particularly rough patch in my marriage I began exploring the idea of divorce. I reached out to a few attorneys. After contacting Howard Lewis for a consultation Howard got right back to me. I was pleasantly surprised he reached out personally to set up a meeting. Howard listened to my story, understood where I was coming from and outlined my options based on his extensive background. He walked me through the process from start to finish and made me feel like I was not alone and that he and his team would be there for me step by step. I have two small children and it was comforting to know that we would be taken care of and he would fight for us. I did not end up moving forward, instead we continued on with couples counseling, but if I ever find myself in need I would not hesitate to contact Howard again.

Practical and Effective

Posted by Suzanne, February 2015
Atty Lewis provided me with solid legal advice and assisted in working out a settlement that protects me and my children indefinitely.

Smart and Efective

Posted by a client, January 2015
Howard saved me when my complex divorce case was heading down the proverbial creek, and me with it. At our first meeting Howard listened to my situation, patiently answered all my questions, and proposed an entirely different strategy for the divorce. Previous rulings and negotiations had been going against me and he turned everything around. Howard is smart, thoughtful, and not afraid to speak the truth in court. Howard’s work has resulted in a significant reduction in alimony payments – more than I was expecting. Thank you Howard and team!

Superb Attorney

Posted by Maria, December 2014
Mr. Lewis is an amazing attorney, a true professional. He provides great results and solves issues quickly. He and his team did and Excellent job. I absolutely recommend his legal services. Thank you so much Howard.

Great Job!

Posted by John, December 2014
Howard Lewis and Team did a great job in representing me both effectively and professionally. In our first meeting Howard spelled out our strategy and executed it perfectly. I would recommend Howard for any legal situation where you want a fair legal outcome!

Great Divorce Attorney

Posted by Tigran, November 2014
Howard did a great job for me as my divorce attorney.
His communication skills and style are very direct and plain language which makes it easy and efficient to do business with him. He was encouraging with his advice while still being respectful of my wishes.

For billing, Howard’s staff kept me up to date with detailed bills so I always knew where I stood.
At some point I may need to go back and revisit my case and he will definitely be the person I go to.

So Glad I made The Switch

Posted by a client, November 2014
I retained Howard after my first lawyer’s passive approach in the court room had my 2 year old traveling between northern Massachusetts and Manhattan every 2 weeks. I did some careful research, and after a telephone interview, decided that Howard would fight for my daughter. We had a vindictive father with a lying lawyer, and a Judge that did not seem to care about the impact that traveling 1,000 miles per month would have on my toddler. I was even found to be in contempt for not waking my 2 year old from her nap (who sees a Sleep Specialist for a sleep disorder) to transfer her to her father in a busy city train station. I had 2 letters from 2 separate physicians instructing us to keep my daughter’s naps consistent, but her father, and the Judge, didn’t care. At our next hearing Howard sized up the Judge and uttered a few words that changed the entire course of the case! He recognized the Judge’s difficulty with the uniqueness of my case, and firmly stated that we need to go to trial. EVERYTHING CHANGED! Not one week later, opposing councel asked us to submit a global settlement for them to sign, as they want everything settled before our next scheduled hearing. AND Howard’s fee is 1/2 that of my original lawyer’s! I am so glad I made the switch!

Excellent Divorce Attorney

Posted by Stacey, a Divorce client, October 2014
I contacted Attorney Lewis a few months ago after my divorce had already been initiated by another attorney. My divorce has had many complicating factors, so I was getting nowhere. I needed someone to start resolving all the little problems as well as to concentrate on the big issues.

I saw Howard for a consultation. He was patient with me , very professional and thorough and was able to make me feel at ease and well taken care of. He helped me understand the process, the time frames involved, he helped me see “the big picture” and all of a sudden my problems seemed possible to overcome.

Howard has returned my phone calls on Sundays more than once and he responds to my emails within the hour. He spent a whole day in court with me and fought passionately for me and for my child. His presentations to the judge were extremely well versed and given in a very strong professional manner that I could see the Judge respected him greatly.

I feel very comfortable being represented by Attorney Howard Lewis as I know he will fight and succeed in every aspect of my divorce as he is an extremely talented attorney, who also takes each case to heart.

Howard Saved The Day

Posted by Beverly, a Divorce client, September 2014
Howard helped me file a comptempt against my ex. He was very honest and informative and handled everything in a timely manner. When the court date came he had his hands full with my ex who did not hire a lawyer. He was extremely patient with him and explained the process. We were constantly asked to negotiate prior to meeting with the judge by my ex. Howard spent the entire day handling him to crazy extremes.

He was professional and had a sense of humor that helped even the worst moments. Needless to say we won on every count.

Howard did not overcharge me and was very reasonable when invoicing for his time. The lawyer I hired for my initial divorce overcharged me an outrageous amount.

Howard is the lawyer everyone wishes they found right away!

Best Law Firm in Massachusetts (without traveling to Boston)

Posted by lconnelly, a Divorce client August, 2014
Howard took the time to meet me, listen to me, reassure me~ Howard and his associate Ann Karpenski gave me excellent legal direction and assisted in mediation of my divorce process. Within 12 weeks, my divorce process was complete! I would highly recommend Howard Lewis and Ann Karpenski to anyone looking for positive results. I am grateful to the firm.

Exceeded my expectations!

Posted by jim, a Child Support client, June 2014
I met Howard years ago. It was not related to my case at the time, but after finding out that he was a divorce/family attorney, of course some questions came up. He assured me at the time that my old divorce/child support agreement could be improved in my favor, and that I was paying way too much in child support.

Boy I wish I got back in touch sooner..

After recession and change in companies, my pay had dropped over the last few years. My ex had no sympathy and refused to negotiate a fair, proportional drop in child support payments. Then threatened me with going back to court. I was upset and scared about what might happen, knowing that in Massachusetts the laws and judges can be biased..

Luckily I kept Howards business card in my wallet from our previous meeting. I called and left a message on a Sunday, after the nasty texts from my ex. Much to my surprise, I got a call back within a couple of hours!

Howard had a comforting confidence that inspired me to go ahead with the fight.

I worked with Howard and Attorney Ann Karpenky, (she is familiar with the Worcester court, where my case was filed). They really helped to make my case go smoother than I ever imagined it would.

After my ex received papers, she of course sent me a bunch more nasty texts. I consulted with Ann a few times to make sure things would still be ok. She reassured me, and after a few days of info gathering and financials, she proposed a phone call to my ex to attempt negotiating. She apparently said the right things, because a few days later, the papers were getting written up to drop my child support by Over a THIRD!

I would not hesitate to recommend Howard and his team, (including Naomi too!), for anybody looking for a high quality legal firm that also has a very personal touch in making you feel comfortable, in a very difficult, emotional situation.

Thanks guys! Jim.

Hire Him!

Posted by Jeff Peddle, a Divorce client, May 2014
I had the opportunity to work with Howard during my recent divorce proceedings.

Howard and his staff are OUTSTANDING! Starting with his legal staff (Julie, Naomi) and his entire team of attorneys (Elena, Mandy and Anne), the entire company was behind me and my case 100%. I never had a doubt that this was the right firm for me.

Howard and his team listened intently to the proof that brought to the table about my wife’s inaccuracies in her financial statements, affidavits and deposition. We were able to dissect her web of false statements through careful preparation, attention to detail and Howard’s skill of managing the entire process. Howard is also very adept at handling opposing attorneys with ease, no matter how brash the opposition.

Howard, thank you for your compassion, attention to detail and taking the time to address all of my concerns through this harrowing time in my life. You and your team are a credit to the legal industry!

I would highly recommend Howard to any one facing a soon to ex-spouse with a sense of entitlement.

Generous, supportive, highly professional, and kind

Posted by Aaron, a Divorce client, April 2014
I am extremely grateful to attorney Howard Lewis for his guidance, support, and generosity in helping me get through my recent divorce. I called Howard because, although my divorce was uncontested and no-fault, I still needed help figuring out all the paperwork and procedures to make sure that I would get through the divorce quickly and smoothly. From the very beginning Howard was generous with his time on the phone, gave me sound advice, and agreed to help me with the divorce at a very reasonable price. His team of paralegals was very understanding, helpful, and efficient, and with the help of Howard and his team I was able to complete all the paperwork and get a hearing at the courthouse within two weeks. The divorce itself was very sad and painful, but I will always be grateful to Howard  for getting me through it smoothly and in the most dignified manner possible.

A superb lawyer!

Posted by Tony, a Divorce client, March 2014
I engaged Howard to advise me for my divorce case and he did an excellent job! He impressed me with his deep knowledge in this field, his genuine interest in my case, his staff and on top of all, he has offered very practical legal advices. I highly recommend Howard and I am sure he will do an excellent job for you! Thank you Howard!

Excellent Firm

Posted by a Divorce client, February 2014
I want to thank Howard and Ann for all they did during this tough time. They ensured that I was treated fairly every step of the way. I felt that they actually cared for me as a person and just not a client. After my divorce was final they still kept in touch to see how I was doing along with my girls. I would recommend this firm to anybody looking for a divorce attorney in the Massachusetts area.

Strength,knoweledge,perserverance and personal comittment.

Posted by a client, January 2014
Howard Lewis became my lawyer after months of being in the legal hands of another who had completely mishandled the rights and concerns of myself and my children during a divorce with an abusive man who with the continued assistance of his counsel was fixed and intent on draining the marital estate while delaying and obscuring facts to handicap the court in making proper findings of financials.As a result of long ,and ongoing delay, refusal of discovery, and misrepresentation of financials my and the children’s financial welfare has been seriously prejudiced. Results of these tactics: near financial ruin, relentless stress and anxiety, hours of sleepless nights trying to figure out the financial mess and web of deceit the ex and his counsel created thereby defining my case as surely a challenge to say the very least. Howard accepted my case without knowing then the full magnitude that would unfold. Time and again and since Howard throughout this ordeal responds to my requests for help as opposing side continues to embark with legal maneuvering with no other design than but to intimidate. Howard assured me that the facts would surface and as such that he would see to it that proper legal accommodations would follow.Over an over I’ve been the receiver of a man and his counsel’s intent to scorch the earth and ultimately destroy while I only sought and continue to unearth what is fact.Time has passed and Howard is still here ready and willing to pull back each the layers of contrived deceit I and therefore my children have been issued. A practitioner such as this you’ll want to have.This is one who provides continuity and stands by you in each your darkest hour no matter what the opposing side says or fabricates. Facts are facts ,and they do surface just as Howard assured. Alternatively if you’re thinking about hiding the facts no matter how slick or well connected you think your legal representative is you’d better hope your opposition doesn’t have Howard because he’s in it for the long haul.

Talented Attorney

Posted by Scott, a Child Custody client, January 2014
Howard Lewis is a tremendously talented family law attorney with a knowledge base that is not limited to divorce or child custody issues but expands to include expertise in a variety of areas of legal matters. He was very responsive to me with regard to any of my urgent matters, but there were times when general communication was not as timely as I liked it to have been. To that end, I feel that Howard Lewis is a competent attorney who knows his business. In so far as I have experienced, Howard is the best! I would definitely be interested in having Howard represent me regarding any legal matters that I may encounter in the future.

Boston’s First Choice Lawyer

Posted by Michelle H, a Divorce client, November 2013
Attorney Howard understands human psychology which comes in very handy dealing with sensitive issues, and picking the right timing for negotiation. I would highly recommend Attorney Howard for any sort of case but especially divorce/separation. It has been a pleasure working with him & having the peace of mind of having my case in good hands, and solved issue-free and exactly as I had wanted it & as was fair.

Great experience during a challenging time

Posted by Maya, a Child Support client, July 2013
My husband filed a modification action against me and I was so upset because I knew that he was just trying to make me negotiate a lower amount of support. I interviewed a couple of attorneys because my original lawyer retired. I met with Howard last and knew he would help and do a good job. We tried to negotiate but my ex’s lawyer kept stalling. Howard filed two motions and the second one did the trick and the court chastised my ex and his lawyer for wasting time and dismissed the whole case. Howard really took a personal interest in my case and even a couple months after my case was over he emailed me asking how I was. His entire office is vey warm and caring and I strongly recommend him for any divorce or family law matters. Thanks again

Legal advice on if my home can be searched to find someone who has a warrant for arrest

Posted by Carla, July 2013
Dear Mr. Lewis,
Thank you for your quick and timely response to my question. You answered everything that I needed to know to protect myself legally. I have linked this website & you in particular on my Facebook account, and gave you “BEST ANSWER” for all your great advice. Thank you for all your time & consideration. You are defiantly a top notch lawyer and a much needed asset to the community I will refer anyone needing advice to you & to this website.

Exactly who you want on your side!!

Posted by Shelley, a Divorce client, June 2013
It was a year long divorce battle primarily over custody and Howard never backed down from the fight. He battled tirelessly against someone who was vindictive, mean spirited, spiteful, and did nothing for the right reasons. Howard fought hard and his dedication paid off when it was over. Our family has so much gratitude for his personal touch and for genuinely caring about our family. After watching him in action…..Howard is definitely the one you want on your side of the court room!

Prompt Response

Posted by Michael, June 2013
Mr Lewis got back to me within hours and suggested I call his office to set up a phone appointment

Thank you Howard

Posted by Brian, a Divorce client, June 2013
I was married for less than two years when I came home from work and most of our furniture was gone and my wife’s mother called to say the marriage was over and we will see you in court. My wife filed in middlesex probate and since we didn’t really own anything and had no kids I thought we would just split up our cheap furniture decide who took over the car and rent payments and get divorced. I was so wrong I walked into court and her psycho lawyer starting accusing me of everything and wanted her to get everything including a valuable ring that was my great grandmothers and rehabilitative alimonyI i left court speechless and interviewed like five lawyers ultimately picking Howard. They tried the same thing with him but by the time he outlined the true story to the court threatened depositions and trial fees they gave in a day before the next court date. I got the car, the ring and the apartment plus the judge actually said better luck next time. It really does matter who you hire. They scared the hell out of me but Howard calmly listened then spoke loudly and clearly for what seemed like an hour and convinced the judge and her lawyer. He’s not only a great lawyer he is fun to talk with since , we had hours to wait in that old court. My legal bill was still half of my ex’s and we won. I owe you one Howie!

Honesty, integrity and brilliant

Posted by Janice, a Child Custody client, June 2013
Howard advises me what I could achieve and equally importantly he counseled me what I probably would not be able to achieve. His advice turned out to save me financially and save my relationship with my children which was falling apart. Howard was great during the four way conference and when in court he kept his cool even when my husbands attorney just started making up stories. He got the judge focused on the facts, spelled out the numbers and his professionalism coupled with his passion won the court over. I give him an A plus and recommend him unequivocally.

Finally someone fought for us

Posted by Wade and Tracy, a Divorce client, May 2013
My ex-wife and I were divorced in 2004, but she has continued to maintain a regular barrage of legal action over the last nine years, and this includes a motion for modification and a guardianship issue that has taken three years to be heard. My current wife and I had been through two attorneys prior to finding Howard and his associate Elena Tsizer. We were desperate to find someone who believed in us, and who would actually fight for us. Right away we noticed a huge difference from our previous counsel. Howard and Elena were very attentive, responsive, and they actually cared. Within weeks of hiring them, positive changes began to happen. My ex-wife was denying me visitation with my son. Howard and Elena took action to ensure that I was treated fairly and, most importantly, that I can now spend regular time with my son. At first my ex-wife’s attorneys ignored them, as they usually did, but unlike most attorneys, Howard and Elena are fighters and they do not put up at all with unprofessional behavior. When they say that they take your case personally, they really mean it! The dedication of Howard, Elena, and their paralegal Julie Royle went way above and beyond anything we could have hoped for, and they successfully ended a reign of bullying that had been going on for 9 years.

For the first time, Howard and Elena got my story out there in front of the judge. If you are just starting your divorce process or if you’re feeling beaten and you’re ready to give up, you need to hire these people. Having already experienced several attorneys who tell you what you want to hear, yet ultimately do nothing for you—except take your money, give Howard and Elena a try. We almost didn’t believe all of the glowing reviews about Howard on this site. But here we are, writing our own. Howard’s been described in reviews as being a real human being who genuinely cares. We can honestly say that’s true—and the same goes for Elena and Julie. Thank you all for getting my son back into our lives.

Custody and Divorce

Posted by Brenda, a Divorce client, April 2013.

Client Review

Howard was recommended to us by a family friend who knew of his work. We worked with him for almost 18 months and I can honestly say he is an all-in lawyer who truly cares about his client and thier story. He asks probing questions but intently listens to the answers because you will hear him repeat it weeks down the road. Howard is an experienced knowledgable lawyer with a great team to back him up. One of the many things that I respect him for is his honesty and that he sets clear expectations. His priority is getting the client the best deal, which he did. He was a tremendous help to our family and we are grateful.

Kept his promise and kept it simple-got my results-couldn’t be more pleased!

Posted by Leslie, a Divorce client, April 2013

Client Review

howard was my third lawyer and many people will tell you that sometimes lawyers don’t take people who’ve had three or more lawyers. i told my first lawyer to keep it simple no need for drama or fighting but she didn’t listen and rang up a big legal bill, did a lot of yelling and we got nowhere fast- second lawyer same thing. My co-worker recommended Howard so I called him and scheduled a telephone appt. which we did on a saturday. He listened to my version of the facts and said to me this is easy lets keep it uncomplicated and get you out of this mess; i said that was what i told the other two lawyers and they couldn’t or didn’t want to. Howard sent me a fee agreement and the terms were fair. I hired him on the following wednesday and less than 30 days later I was divorced. He kept his word and I thank him and his whole office they were great!

Exactly what I’d hoped for

Posted by Aaron, a Divorce client, April 2013

Client Review

I hired Attorney Lewis to handle my divorce case based on the countless positive reviews I read. I hoped to be among the long list of satisfied clients, and after a lengthy consultation with him I believed that I could count on his ample experience. I knew I needed an attorney who was familiar with the process and attentive to my individual concerns. Howard provided all of that, and in addition helped me personally by offering his advice and listening to me. He told me on more than one occasion that he sees his clients as family and I can say that he delivered on that statement. He not only helped me to secure a very favorable outcome in my proceedings, but spent more than one occasion on the phone with me late in the evening when I needed guidance. I’m happy to say that as a lawyer he suited my needs extremely well. I’m even more pleased to say that throughout the entire ordeal I felt like I’d not only secured an exceptional attorney, but added a much needed loyal friend to the process.

Great divorce lawyer became good friend

Posted by aaron, a Alimony client, April 2013

Client Review

Howard was my attorney and even though my wife agreed to everything her lawyer didn’t , howard made sure the judge heard our side and basically said to all of us settle or spend our kids college education on a trial and in my opinion attorney lewis is the only reasonable person in my courtroom. Howard had the agreement drafted in advance and with two small changes we were done.

A combination of a great family attorney and financial consultant and to top it off a heck of a litigator

Posted by Dave, a Child Support client, March 2013

Client Review

My wife filed a modification seeking to change school districts, custody and requested an increase in support. Howard recommended a four way conference to see what they really wanted. They tried to bully us and scared us. Howard looked across the table and said we will happily negotiate in fairness or we can go to trial and I am confident you will not prevail and we will seek the costs of your frivolous action. They snicker. We went to trial we won and they paid my fees since then my ex has been very respectful in front of our children and as such my kids who are my life have never done better!

Honest, affective and great in court!!!!

Posted by julie, a Child Custody client, March 2013

Client Review

howard and his office represented me twice, the first time for my divorce and custody fight which after the longest year and a half of my life I won. Then when my jerk ex (and i love saying ex) wouldn’t follow the judges order and when I called Howard on Saturday he said one word “contempt” by monday we had a draft and by wednesday it was filed. We actually didn’t even half to go to court. Howard filed a motion for costs and attorney fees and when they asked to settle he asked me and let me make the decision that is why he is my favorite professional I have ever worked with. He let me decide and told me his opinion which was always what was best for me. I have yelped about good and bad restaurants and if Howard was a restaurant he would be five stars.

Great Divorce Attorney

Posted by a Divorce client, March 2013.

Client Review

Howard Lewis helped really made my divorce a lot easier than I thought it would be. He made me feel like he really cared about what I was going through and made sure I got what was rightfully mine. A real pleasure to work with.

Very caring and extremely affective

Posted by Linda, a Divorce client, February 2013

Client Review

Howard represented me during my divorce and I would absolutely recommend him and his entire firm. He did an excellent job and was extremely attentive to me during a very difficult and emotional time. My husbands attorney tried to undervalue our estate and Howard very respectfully showed him our own research and that shut him and my husband up so we could settle. It’s hard to speak publicly about such a private matter but I thought thanking Howard online was the least I could do. Thanks to Julie and Catherine as well they were both great too.

Honest and dependable

Posted by Pauline, a Divorce client, February 2013

Client Review

Howard represented me as my second attorney and finished my case. My husband tried to file an annulment and avoid support and hurt me financially and legally. Howard did not give up on me and. We fought back and won. The bottom line is he kept his word on his fees and the results and he is honest and ethical. Equually important he fought for me when no one else would and gave me back my independence and self esteem.

Great job

Posted by Lorrie, a Divorce client, January 2013

Client Review

I hired Howard for a very simple agreed upon divorce and he promised he would keep it that way. You know what?- he did exactly what he said he would. Even though we had to go to court twice because my genius husband forgot the first date we got it done on the second date. I actually now like lawyers or at at least Howard. His firm was very supportive and made me feel very safe. I asked him for a final bill and he actually refunded money. I don’t usually believe most people, but my experience has restored my faith and although I love lawyer jokes Howard and his firm are the exception. Take good care and I wish them all well!!!! Oh. Julie is very funny and extremely professional. Give her a raise Howie!

Great result-great lawyer

Posted by Eric, a Child Support client, December 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me during my divorce and did a very good job for a very reasonable price. Then when my ex demanded I pay for things that were not in our agreement I said no and she filed a contempt against me. I rehired Howard , he put me on the witness stand and also cross examined my ex. The judge took the case under advisement and three weeks later we recieved the order that I was not in contempt and my ex had to pay my legal fees. Howard is a very good listener and an incredible advocate.

Very pleased

Posted by Delipe, a Divorce client, December 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me for a very emotional divorce. My number one priority was making sure my wife did not procrastinate and cost our family excessive expenses. Howard made sure this did not happen. He always returned my calls emails and texts no matter the day or time. He got me divorced very fast and did an excellent job. I recommend him and thank him and his office very much.

Great Lawyer

Posted by Lindsay, a Child Custody client, December 2012

Client Review

Upon meeting Atorney Lewis I immediately felt comfrotable during a very uneasy time in my life. His staff and himself made it a point to make me feel like I was a very important client and they were going to get me the outcome I wanted come my court date. They did just that! I was very pleased at not only the outcome of the court date, but also the professionalism of Attorney Lewis and his staff. He contacted me often to get all the facts, represented me well, and the outcome was successful. Every one of my emails or phone calls got returned very quickly. On a personal level I appreciated the fact that Howard was not only knowlegable and reliable, but also cared. I can remember being very upset about my case and him telling me that everything was going to be ok! That means alot during such a stressful time in ones life. Overall I would recommend Attorney Lewis a thousand times over.

Completely satisfied and highly recommend howard

Posted by Monica, a Alimony client, November 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in my original divorce 3years ago then I called him when my ex and his creepy lawyer filed a modification to change the agreement. I called Howard (actually texted) him and he responded within minutes. We stopped their modification by Howard’s oral argument then we won a contempt. Howard is a great guy anda brilliant lawyer. Even my husbands lawyer said so. Thank. Everyonev at the whole office. Bhopevyou like the gift cards.

I can’t say enough about Howard and all his staff~they were Wonderful!!

Posted by Selena, a Divorce client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

Howard was very professional, kind and sympathetic during this tough process. He went above and beyond looking out for the best interest of myself and my children. I would highly recommend Howard and his firm to anyone needing assistance during such a difficult time.

Very Trustworthy-Great team-fantastic results

Posted by Angela, a Divorce client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

I hired howard to help me divorce my useless husband. He was always there for me and in court I truly felt that my story was fully and properly told (finally). The rest of the group was always there for me as well and made me feel protected-many thanks to raquel, lorena and especially Ann who is a great attorney. Howard not only looked out for my divorce he made sure that we didn’t needlessly go to court and waste money. Howard is extremely practical, exceptionally honest and in my opinion the best divorce attorney around! when i wanted to rush the case and got frustrated he told me to take a breath and yell at him if it made me feel better , but don’t give in or rush for the sake of just getting it over and he was 100% right! thank you Howard and everyone else for being such wonderful professionals.

Trusted counsel and great advocate

Posted by Rich, a Alimony client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in my divorce. He was my third attorney and I knew after hiring him and spending time with him he would be my last and the best, it turns out I was right. He took over my case and the whole game changed. My spouse went from going after my business and my family assets to begging to settle. Howard was always there for me. Nights, weekends, by text email and on his cell. Even during the holidays he checked in on me and answered my questions. Mt wife spent 5 times what I spent and She lost. I have recommended Howard and his team to everyone at my office and my clubs. When my case was over I offered to buy him or his office a gift instead he said save the money for my family and donate something anonymously to charity which I did ,but in his name. Howard is an incredible attorney and a great person. He has a military sense of strategy, a brilliant mind and a great sense of humor. He saved my business.

Terrific Attorney

Posted by a Divorce client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

When my marriage entered choppy waters, I interviewed a few attorneys who all gave the same bland answers which left me hopeless about what I wanted and felt deserved to get. Then, based on reviews in this forum, I met with attorney Ann at Howard’s office and subsequently with Howard himself. Howard impressed me immediately by not only grasping the concerns I had, but also by suggesting ideas/strategies that gave me the confidence that I had a good shot at getting the outcomes I was hoping to achieve. That was a big step forward for me. From there on, trust started building and I relied on Howard to help me out with a couple of tricky situations where I found him to be both timely/responsive and creative in coming up with excellent solutions. Throughout the case, Howard provided solid legal counsel and great friendly advice (I told him that he’d make a great therapist!). He was a busy attorney but was generally accessible fairly quickly, even during weekends, which translates to “peace of mind” in difficult times. Another characteristic that stood out was that he made a conscious effort to keep the legal fees low even when he could have taken advantage of my desperation at times. How often can you say that?! All said and done, Howard was a terrific attorney and a consummate professional who genuinely cared about my case and the way he provided his services. He has my heartiest recommendation! Bravo, Howard, keep it up!

Divorce Case Client

Posted by a Divorce client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

Howard was a phenomenal attorney in helping me through my divorce. He fought for what I needed and made the divorce such an easy process. He was a joy to work with through a difficult time. I wasn’t sure what to expect with a legal proceeding such as this, but he made the process seem effortless and I was thrilled with the result. Thank you, Howard!

Great Attorney and Adviser

Posted by a Divorce client – Nov. 2012

Client Review

I have met Attorney Howard Lewis when I was in the middle of very difficult divorce and had lost confidence in my 1st attorney (who besides achieving almost no progress at best was making negotiations extremely difficult if not impossible). Attorney Lewis answered my email late Friday and met with me over the weekend. He listened, proposed a plan, discussed it with me in detail and, once I felt comfortable, nicely inserted himself in the case. Selecting him to replace my 1st attorney was definitely my lucky decision. Howard always made himself available to discuss and answer my questions or address my concerns, which, I confess, I had many.

Attorney Lewis is highly ethical and, besides being knowledgeable in legal matters, also is an excellent communicator. He knows and understands people. His EQ is very high. Howard was able to see through and understand issues at many levels and offered me good advice well beyond just legal aspects of the situation. All advice was given straight matter of fact but at the same time very kindly; I always felt that he cared about me and does what has to be done to protect my interests while making me feel easier and quite relieved. This was extremely important for me since I have a highly demanding and stressful job, sometimes too much when coupled with additional stress of the complicated divorce case.

My experience with other people in the office was also positive. They were always polite, professional, quickly handled all necessary tasks and were in general very supportive. I would like to specifically mention attorney Mindy and legal assistant Raquel who helped a lot.

Attorney Lewis is very hard-working – the strength I can truly appreciate. I remember him working full day on my case – on his Bday! I had no idea until he apologized for need to leave to make his own Bday dinner. I felt and still feel so much gratitude for all his efforts that helped me to survive a “marathon” divorce case. He was also very flexible with payment options, which helped a lot.

Needed help for my divorce.

Posted by Bradley, a Divorce client – Oct. 2012

Client Review

I am from Canada and my wife went back to MA to be with her parents during our separation and then she filed for divorce in MA .I hired Howard after long consideration and checking into several lawyers in the Boston MA Area. He made me feel like he could get a fair settlement and he was right. I couldn’t be happier that I hired him. During this very stressful time Howard put me at ease (if he wasn’t such a good attorney I would suggest he become a therapist). I hope I won’t need legal help again but if I do I will definitely call Howard and his great legal team.

Thanks Howard and Ann for everything.


Posted by a Family client – Oct. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in a very unusual family matter and accomplished something unprecedented. I was constantly told by all lawyers I interviewed that there’d be no chance that what I was seeking could be obtained, but Howard had ideas, he was sharp and strategic, and his office took a personal interest in my case… they were willing to do what was important to me even though it was difficult and ambitious.

Outstanding Attorney

Posted by Susan, a Divorce client – Sept. 2012

Client Review

I retained Howard after the working relationship with the attorney handling my divorce became a struggle. From our first meeting through to the final divorce decree, Howard remained steadfast with his approach to my case which was ultimately settled in my favor. He offered sound advice, was promptly responsive to my needs, patient with his guidance and relied on his firm grasp on the legal aspects of my case to settle it. Divorce is difficult enough to maneuver through and Howard kept the process focused and every question was worthy of his personal response. I am forever grateful of the advice he provided and the course his advice set me on for my future.

Highly Recommended!

Posted by Liz – Sept. 2012

Client Review

I highly recommend attorney Howard M. Lewis for all your family law needs. Mr. Lewis is an expert in his field who consistently obtains positive results for all of his clients. I know if I ever had a marital question, he would be the first person I would contact. I hope you consider him as so many do, for all of your child support, divorce and family law matters!

Absolutely recommend this attorney and I have twice!

Posted by J.G, a Child Custody client – Aug. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in a very difficult and emotional family law case where my spouse was trying to keep me from seeing the children through a serious of lies. We had to go to court several times and each time I could see we were making more and more progress until we finally won. In my opinion this is the best firm around, Howard is always accessible even by cell or text when I was worried and the fees were fair and the results were exactly what I dreamed of. Thank you Raquel, mindy, Ann, George and Howard.

Superb Divorce Attorney

Posted by Annya, a Divorce client – Aug. 2012

Client Review

Howard handled my divorce case masterfully after my ex-husband served the divorce papers and refused to acknowledge my contribution to his business. Because I was entirely unfamiliar with the law or the divorce process, he explained each step with thoroughness and clarity. Howard has great empathy, care, and ability to communicate all intricacies of a complicated legal case. When it came time to deal with the opposing counsel — he was courteous but very tough. You can be certain that he will fight hard for your case. There are not enough words to describe how professional, organized, and masterful he and his legal team are. A special thank you to legal assistant, Raquel, who always took time to respond promptly to many emails and questions. I can’t imagine a better legal experience.

Exceeded my expectations

Posted by Amir, a Child Custody client – Aug. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me for my second child custody removal hearing and he successfully stopped my wife from destroying our family by moving to another state. Thank you.

Look no further

Posted by John, a Divorce client – Aug. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in my divorce. I am male. In a gender reversal from the norm I was the party to be granted alimony. Howard knew the law, wanted to try to resolve issues along the way, rather than start fights with opposing lawyers and was very helpful to me. Some things that I found made him special were his willingness to talk after hours, and sometimes on weekends when it made sense. Also the fact that he checked in on me regularly (still does). Howard will tell you if he is right for your type of case. If he is, you should give him serious consideration. He walks the walk.

His advise really helped me

Posted by ParisI recommend Howard Lewis. – Aug. 2012

Client Review

Fine and Smart !!!!

Handled my divorce case professionally

Posted by Endawoke, a Divorce client – Jul. 2012

Client Review

My pathologically liar X-wife accused me with an interestingly fiction story. The accusation could have been worse, but Howard and his team did a fantastic job and exposed my X-wife’s made up stories to the court and the judge finally got it. I’ve to admit that Howard really knows what has to be told to the court, and always made sure the judge heard the truth. He and his team really proven to the court that all the accusation presented against me was all lies, and that made the judge to cut the divorce process short (when I short it was really short, I got divorced on the pre-trial day) with unexpected success and satisfaction results. Howard is also a kind of funny and a pleasure to spend time with. I know that I paid for the legal work but it worth it and I will always be grateful with the result and recommend Howard and his team. Last but not least, Howard’s team also did my immigration case for free of charge as a complementary which I’m indebted for the successful outcome as well.

Handled my divorce masterfully

Posted by Laura, a Divorce client – Jul. 2012

Client Review

I contacted Howard when I was served papers unexpectedly from my husband. From the start I felt that Howard was there to look out for my best interests, and he proved just that over the course of a difficult divorce, made so by my husband and his Attorney. He was very knowledgeable and saw clearly what my husband was attempting to do and did not let me get taken advantage of. Howard and his staff were always there for me to answer any questions I had. I am pleased with the outcome of my divorce and I owe that to Howard, his staff and a special mention to Ann who could not have been kinder to me. I can now breath easier knowing this stressful time of my life is over and I have been protected. I would not only recommend Howard Lewis but would use him again in the future.

Thank you Howard and Staff…

Thank you with all my heart!

Posted by Beth, a Child Custody client – June 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me during my entire divorce and the first thing I have to say with tears in my eyes he is my hero! my horrible ex husband tried not only to not provide for his child our beautiful little girl , he had the nerve to ask for custody ,not because he wanted her he just didn’t want me to have her and he didn’t want to pay. His lawyer tried to intimidate us but if you know Howard at all he isn’t intimidated by anyone including the judge. We fought back and Howard blasted them in court with motions, affidavits and we even brought in witness’s which scared the heck out of the other side and the court actually increased the child support amount decreased his visits and awarded me a larger percentage of the marital estate. Howard was always there for me and his whole office are not just incredible professionals they are caring and good people.

Excellent divorce attorney

Posted by P.Stevens, a Alimony client – June 2012

Client Review

Howard helped me during a vey emotional time in my life and he truly was great. There were times when i said to him I don’t care what it costs I want to show the court the truth- he said to me don’t ever say that to a lawyer because they will take you up on it and your money is better spent on your son for his college. Howard still made sure the truth was put on the record and the judge knew it, my husband’s attorney knew it and we got a huge judgment without spending a ton of money. He treated me like family and was always there for me. I have since referred two friends to him and they were very very happy! Thank you Howard, Raquel, Anne and special thanks to Deb who really was there for me right along with Howard and made me feel so special.

Great divorce attorney

Posted by Jackie, a Divorce client – June 2012

Client Review

I was referred to Howard via a very close family friend. My divorce proceedings with a previous lawyer left me beside myself emotionally and feeling betrayed. In addition I had a child with growing special needs that had me overwhelmed. Then I met Howard who turned everything around from the prior judgment, custody, alimony, all of it. He made things right.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Howard Lewis. I’ve never met an attorney who showed more integrity, honesty, warmth, and genuine concern towards his clients. He is highly responsive, extremely, well versed in what he does and simply put, knows his stuff. If you want an attorney who does everything he promises and who genuinely cares about YOU. Howard is the lawyer to call. I would recommend him to anyone and to those who have used him on recommendation from me would tell you the same. They don’t get any better than him or the others at his firm. He has only the best of staff. Everyone is WONDERFUL!!!!

Great results and perfect client service

Posted by M.H., a Divorce client – May 2012

Client Review

I was referred to Howard Lewis through my alumni network and after interviewing five firms I chose them. Howard was in charge of my trial work but the whole firm made me feel like part of a family. I am not exaggerating when I say that there were a couple of times I was worried about my case and out of no where I would get a text or an email update or just a simple “how are you doing” from Howard. I was thrilled with the results and feel very confident in unequivocally recommending Howard and his entire firm to anyone who wants a strong and aggressive attorney yet efficient and understanding of the emotional side. Great group of attorneys and staff! Special thank you to Raquel who is incredible!!!!!

Great divorce attorney

Posted by Mel, a Alimony client – May 2012

Client Review

I retained Howard Lewis for my original divorce and was extremely satisfied with the quality of the legal services and the personal attention Howard gave me. I then hired them to file a contempt and the court found my husband clearly in contempt after our presentation. I give him a ten out of ten and a grade of A.

Extremely satisfied

Posted by P.T, a Divorce client – May 2012

Client Review

Howard was my second attorney and he finished my divorce and accomplished everything I wanted in a fraction of the time my first attorney had the case and surprisingly his final bill for doing all of the actual hard court work was less than my first attorneys and Howard worked at least four times as much. He is very honest, extremely knowledgeable about divorce law, the courts and the judges. I will always recommend him.

Honestly-the best divorce attorney in Boston

Posted by Jen.O, a Alimony client – May 2012

Client Review

I hired Howard after my husband filed for a divorce. I interviewed 4 lawyers and Howard was the only one who gave me real answers and fully explained the new alimony reform laws to me and how they would affect me. He told me exactly what would happen how much income the court and my husband’s attorney said I would or could make and he prepared me for the entire case. The judge actually said to my husbands attorney that they were wrong and we were right. I always only wanted what was fair and in the end that is exactly what I received and it is enough to be a full time mother and have my own life.

A plus family attorney

Posted by M.S., a Child Support client – May 2012

Client Review

I hired Howard Lewis when my husband filed a complaint for modification trying to reduce child support-Howard called me back right away and we went over the facts. He told me not to worry but I was so scared. He was right we fought back and after only two court appearances we won and the judge dismissed my ex’s complaint. Howard and his office always kept me informed and I personally feel he is an excellent attorney. Money was a real concern for me and in the end he actually refunded the remaining retainer which was a nice surprise He kept his promise and protected me. I am happy to give a good review and to be referral source. Thank you!

Great attorney

Posted by Jen, a Alimony client – April 2012

Client Review

Attorney Lewis represented me in my modification case against my ex and he and his office were excellent. We won the hearing. His office always made sure I was fully informed and in court Howard did everything to speed up the process.

Best attorney!

Posted by Dan, a Divorce client – April 2012

Client Review

Howard handled my divorce and was a true professional. He was completely knowledgeable about all the new laws and even educated my wife’s attorney when she was wrong. I feel he is a great attorney. thank you.

Great results

Posted by Karen, a Alimony client – April 2012

Client Review

I hired howard to modify my divorce agreement which i was never comfortable with. He did a great job and fixed alot of concerns my first attorney never addressed. His whole office kept me informed and made me feel very comfortable. Howard is an excellent attorney whom i am happy to give a recommendation for.

Great counsel

Posted by E Watts, a Alimony client – April 2012

Client Review

Attorney Lewis helped me modify my divorce agreement and he did a great job!

Excellent family law attorney

Posted by K.W., a Divorce client – April 2012

Client Review

Howard was my divorce attorney and I absolutely recommend his legal services. He is an outstanding professional who produces results and solves issues quickly and efficiently.

Highly recommend

Posted by C.R.P., a Divorce client – April 2012

Client Review

I hired howard earlier this year for my divorce and even though it was a simple matter he treated me as if I was his highest paying client. my divorce only required one court appearance because he was totally prepared even when my husband wouldn’t cooperate. I felt completely safe and secure with Howard’s legal advice and everything worked out better than I ever could have imagined and less expensive than I thought I recommend Howard!

Great family law attorney

Posted by M, a Alimony client – April 2012

Client Review

Howard was recommended to me by our business attorney as I needed a specialist in divorce law. He was always prepared, answered all my questions and responded immediately during the week and even weekends to emergencies that I had and he kept me completely updated. Howard helped negotiate a very favorable settlement for me under the new alimony reform rules- He is an outstanding attorney and a true professional and gentleman.

Best divorce attorney in the city!

Posted by Andrea, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

I retained howard after interviewing the top family law attorneys in Boston. He was recommended by two professors at BC and a friend at Harvard. How do you choose someone who is going to fight for your financial future and protect your children. You go with recommendations and your heart and I made the right choice. Howard exceeded my expectations, he was always accessible and produced the results I needed.

Great lawyer

Posted by J.T., a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in my divorce and helped me in so many ways, I then hired him to help me with a modification after my husbands company went public and without even going to court he got my husbands team of lawyers to increase my alimony and child support. great lawyer and great guy!

Everything you would ever want in a lawyer and a friend – he fought for me when i couldn’t

Posted by T.C., a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

howard stood up and fought for me when i was so upset i couldn’t think clearly and i went to Yale! he made sure i just didnt give in and that my children were protected and i was protected financially and legally.  thank you _ i think he epitomizes all that a lawyer should be! honest ethical and zealous!

Wonderful attorney

Posted by Theresa, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

howard took over my divorce after my first attorney was being pushed around by my husband (now ex) and his attorney. Howard immediately reviewed the financials and confirmed what i knew all along that my husbands brokerage firm and their lawyers were deferring compensation and hiding stock options. we gave them one week to come clean or howard said we could bury them but that would mean putting them out of business which wouldn’t help me ! they caved in and i got a very large alimony offer which we leveraged into a great settlement . Howard always kept his cool and he really took care of me.

Excellent family law attorney

Posted by katherine, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

This is such a private process but I just had to give Howard a proper review. He is the finest divorce family law attorney in Boston and believe me I’ve worked with many. I was actually referred to howard from another firm and they were absolutely right. He really took care of me and at times seemed to worry about my care more than me . His billing was very fair and when we went to court I have to say we kicked but! Thank you howard, mindy , raquel and ann what a great and honest group of caring people!

Great attorney and great results

Posted by C.P,, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

howard helped me with my divorce and i am more than happy to give him a review and a recommendation i had a very complicated divorce as my husband had a financial services business that he could manipulate his income and his bonuses. I interviewed several attorneys and chose howard for his business background and ability to understand hedge funds and the financial industry Howard has a brilliant strategic mind and was able to catch my husband and his attorney in several discrepancies-nice word for lies after we caught them they settled i received a fair alimony award under the new statute and plenty of child support , i recommend him and although i have thanked him several times i thank him and his team again, his prices are incredibly fair and in my opinion he is the best

Excellent family law attorney

Posted by S.C., a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

Attorney Lewis helped me and my family. He always understood that our children were the most important part of the case. Howard made sure I understood the child support guidelines and the new alimony reform statute and how it would affect me now and in the future. Howard promised me he would do his best and give me 100 percent and he kept that promise. Thank you Howard, Ann, mindy, Raquel and Paula you were all so helpful.

True professional

Posted by Cheryl, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me during my divorce and did an excellent job in a very complicated and confrontational environment. Howard always kept his cool and made sure the judge heard the truth even when my husband’s attorney yelled and lied in court. He always made sure that my side was clearly and fully explained and fought for me. My legal bill was almost half of that of my husbands and in the end I am very happy and financially safe.

Excellent experience

Posted by Jan, a Child Support client – March 2012

Client Review

Attorney Lewis represented me in the probate court for a contempt and did very good work. We won the motion and since then my husband has made all the payments on time and even sometimes early. He is now afraid of the courts and finally respects me. I would absolutely recommend that anyone who needs a great family law attorney use him.

Great divorce attorney

Posted by Michelle, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

Howard helped me through my divorce process and really made me feel protected. Howard’s entire office was there to support me and they made a very difficult time for me tolerable. I never once felt rushed or forced to do something I didn’t feel comfortable with. He made sure I took the time to understand all the steps. I recommend him and his law firm – thank you Howard you helped me get my life back!

Results oriented attorney

Posted by Mike, a Alimony client – March 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in a modification and effectively solved in two court hearings exactly what I needed. The law firms prices were very fair he was always fully prepared and a pleasure to spend time with. I have recommended him since on several other occasions and I know for certain that those I recommended him to we’re equally satisfied with his legal services. Howard fought hard for me when my wife’s lawyer started to panic and make up stories and he was able to show the court her lies and the judge finally got it.

Great lawyers

Posted by Rebecca, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

Thank you Howard for all of your hard work and complete dedication to my case. I know that my divorce was very difficult and looking back you stood by me and fought for me when I didn’t even want to fight for what was rightfully mine. I will forever be grateful to you, Raquel , Ann and Mindy.

Excellent legal services

Posted by E, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

I retained Howard in 2009 for my original divorce and he really did great work for me. My ex then stopped paying my support and I called the office. He immediately filed a contempt and we went to court. I won and the judge actually yelled at my ex in court. Howard’s office is very well run and they treat so well.

Very professional and great attorneys

Posted by Liz, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

I used howard for my divorce and he and his entire office -special thank you to Ann-were great howard was always the first one in court and made sure my husband nor his attorney slowed us down or pushed us around . i then hired him to help when my ex was playing games with his bonuses and he fixed that without even having to go to court.

Very professional-great lawyers

Posted by Lili, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

My marriage was miserable, the court seemed medieval but it could have been worse if it wasn’t for the fantastic service and hard work of Howard, Ann and Raquel, they all did a great job for me and in court Howard was like a pit bull when necessary. I felt like my side was always told. The entire office was there for me whether by phone, email or text I always felt connected and cared for. I haven’t felt this happy and carefree in years. I know that I paid for the legal work but it was more than that and I will always be grateful and recommend Howard.

Great law firm and exceptional personal service!

Posted by M, a Divorce client – March 2012

Client Review

I retained the law firm for my divorce and at the time was very scared and very vulnerable. I interviewed several firms and chose Howard’s. The team of lawyers I worked with was always there for me and Raquel the paralegal assigned to my case was incredible. Howard was always there for me in court and his staff took care of me with the same care. I highly recommend them. Thank you.

Great team and great results-highly recommend the entire firm.

Posted by D.l, a Child Custody client – Feb. 2012

Client Review

I hired Howard to help take over my divorce and child custody case. He was always fully prepared for court and made sure the judge heard my side of the story (my prior counsel wasn’t able to do that). There were times Howard brought associates to court to help and I was only billed for one lawyer that made me feel that they cared about me and the results not just the fees. The entire office is very accommodating and very knowledgeable about the courts the clerks and the judges.

Great attorneys, great teamwork !!!!

Posted by Milton, a Alimony client – Feb. 2012

Client Review

I retained Howard Lewis to modify my divorce agreement. Howard represented me in court and when I had questions there was always some there to answer them right away. They are a great team of professionals whom I will always recommend.

Aggressive, passionate and all around great divorce attorney!!!!

Posted by M, a Divorce client – Feb. 2012

Client Review

Howard represented me in my original divorce and did a very good job. I then was served with contempt papers two years later and I had no idea what to do. I still had his number in my phone so I called him on Saturday. We talked and on Monday we filed an answer and motion to dismiss. We went to court a few weeks later and we got the complaint dismissed. Howard is a great lawyer and now a lifetime friend.

Greatest Family Law Attorney Around

Posted by: Melissa, a Divorce client, 2012-01-22.

Client Review:

Howard was my divorce attorney and he was truly great. He always took the time to listen to me and did what I wanted. He fought back for me when my husband and his lawyer were not telling the truth and got the judge to hear the truth. We took the depositions and scared my husband so bad he settled as we found all the hidden money from his restaurants. Howard never gave up on me and even gave me his cell phone.

 Best attorney-he helped protect me and he listened!!!!

Posted by: Terri, a Divorce client, 2012-01-18.

Client Review:

I hired Howard after discharging my first attorney because she didn’t listen to me. I was referred to him through my thesis advisor at Harvard. I was afraid that because he was fairly famous that he would be expensive and that he would pass me off to one of associates. I was completely wrong. His prices were incredibly reasonable and he was in court personally each and every time. We developed a plan and strategy together. Agreed to stick to it and it worked. Howard is by far one of the finest professionals in Boston.

 Best of the best in Boston

Posted by: Mark, an Alimony client, 2012-01-17.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in contempt when my wife said I wasn’t complying with the divorce judgment. We printed off the provisions in the document but they refused to listen. So we went to court and won. He also got me attorney fees and I haven’t heard from ex since-Howard really did an outstanding job and I highly recommend him.

 Best domestic relations and divorce attorney in Ma

Posted by: Gene, a Divorce client, 2012-01-17.

Client Review:

Howard handled my coworkers divorce and she raved about him. So when I needed a lawyer I interviewed a few and chose Howard. He handled everything but most importantly for me he treated me like a real person and when it came to fighting for my rights he kicked but. All in all I got a very fair settlement and joint custody which means the world to me.

 Dedicated, dependable, aggressive-great attorney!!!!

Posted by: Jodie, an Alimony client, 2012-01-14.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in my divorce and he was incredibly professional and always attentive. Above all else he got results without dragging the divorce out or making it worse. He solved problems right away and put my husband’s attorney in her place. I then hired him to modify the agreement when my husband tried to hide his bonuses and he said contempt was faster and less time consuming. He was right. We didn’t even have to go to court they gave in as soon as he filed. Howard is a great lawyer and a great business advisor.

 Best Investment – w/exception of my child’s college education

Posted by: Karen, a Probate client, 2012-01-14 16.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis is an outstanding individual, who is dedicated to his client and persistent in his handling of the case. My case was extremely complicated with a history of 5 years of heavy litigation with the other party, who is excessively difficult to deal with. Attorney Lewis took the time to get to know me as a person and a parent. He understood my interest in my child’s well-being and helped me figure out what the best plan of action would be in order to get this situation under control, and then to work toward resolution. Attorney Lewis actively and persistently pursued justice and closure in my case, which is a case that most attorneys would not have accepted in the first place. His experience as a defense attorney enabled him to swiftly protect my better interest and most importantly the best interest of my child. I have recommended Howard Lewis, without hesitation to my friends and peers and I will continue to do so.

 Protected me and gave me my life back

Posted by: Stephen, a Divorce client, 2012-01-13.

Client Review:

I was unhappy for so many years but very afraid of all the stories I heard about how men like me lost everything after a divorce. I researched lawyers and my coworker at Harvard told me about his lawyer getting ruined by his wife’s lawyer so I thought I should hire that person. I found Howard quite easily and after talking with him for five minutes I knew he was the real deal. He is very intelligent and also has common sense. He does what is in the client’s best interests not the courts or the lawyers. I truly felt he completely absorbed himself in my case and was 100 percent there for me. We negotiated a very honest and fair settlement through strength and not fear. He was always over prepared and knew our case and there case inside out. If you need a great lawyer he is then one.

 Best attorney

Posted by: Kate, a Divorce client, 2012-01-12.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in probate court for my divorce and did an excellent job. He was always available when I needed him and gave me great advice. I had no idea how I was going to survive financially or emotionally after my life fell apart but somehow Howard was able to figure it all out for me. He is honestly a great lawyer.

 Excellent attorney

Posted by: Andrea, a Divorce client, 2012-01-12.

Client Review:

I retained attorney Lewis after interviewing the best divorce lawyers I could find. He helped me file contempt against my husband and we won. He always kept me up to date and he was great in court. I would absolutely hire his law firm again and give him the highest recommendation.

 Really great family attorney-best in Boston

Posted by: Mitch, an Alimony client, 2012-01-11.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my divorce and really protected my family. He is a great divorce attorney and made sure I was protected if you need a divorce attorney who is honest ethical and listens to your needs he is the lawyer for you. He does what is best for you. I would hire him again in fact I have. I trust him and his team. They are great.

Really cool lawyer

Posted by: Allison, a Divorce client, 2012-01-11.

Client Review:

I thought most lawyers were jerks. Howard completely changed my opinion of lawyers. I was referred to him by my professor at MIT and after meeting him I felt a thousand times better. He walked me through each part of the divorce and was always there by phone email or text. He helped me during the worst part of my life and even months after the divorce he would call to check up on me. I got a great settlement which made sure I wasn’t worried about money. When my husband’s attorney became rude to me one day Howard absolutely destroyed him in a debate and after that we closed the case. He truly cares about his clients and I would recommend him forever. He is a great lawyer and a great soul. I hope someday I can help someone the way he helped me. If it wasn’t for him and my parents I probably would have given up. If you want a referral call me. Howard is the best there is.

Howard is the best divorce attorney in Massachusetts

Posted by: Kate, an Alimony client, 2012-01-10.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in my original divorce and did great work for me and my children. The child support was fair and the alimony made sure I could live the same lifestyle I had during my marriage. He also represented me when my husband and his psycho attorney tried to take away the deal during modification, but Howard kept calm and promised me all would be ok and it was, we got the judge to dismiss their complaint. Then he represented me when I had to file contempt when my husband stopped paying for certain school related activities that he promised to in the separation agreement. His billing was always fair and he always returned my calls and emails right away. He is one of a kind and I recommend him very highly. In my opinion he is the best. In fact he teaches other lawyers how to handle divorces. His offices are convenient and very nice and his team is always helpful.

Great attorney!

Posted by: Stephen, a Divorce client, 2011-12-26.

Client Review:

What can you say about a divorce attorney who always either immediately took or returned my calls and emails, night, weekends and would meet me according to my schedule day or night, weekends, holidays even with no notice. What can you say about someone who never wavered from my case even when I took my frustrations out on him and yelled, he somehow knew that I needed to vent and even thought I was paying him to protect me during my divorce he gave me just as good, if not better advice than my therapist and friends. Howard helped me make good decisions when I was about to make poor ones, in fact stupid ones, he stopped me and stood by me and made sure I understood the big picture and the small details. When it came down to the separation agreement, he took all the time I needed to fully understand each and every position. My wife broke my heart but at least working with Howard over the time period, I healed and she didn’t break or take our bank accountant. In fact I came out way ahead financially. My son is enrolled in college and it is completely paid for with plenty of extra money so he can finish and I am finally seeing the light and am actually truly happy for the first time in 18 years. I wish I had more space to write because I honestly feel Howard is the best there is. In my opinion he is the greatest family law/divorce attorney in MA and I am proud to now being able not only to call him my attorney but my friend. If you don’t hire him, you are making a mistake, because he is great on so many levels. He understood the trauma of the process and helped me through it with great legal advice and compassion. They don’t come any better than him.

Great divorce attorney

Posted by: Kathy R, a Domestic Violence client, 2011-12-26.

Client Review:

I hired Howard for my original divorce and he did an excellent job. He was always available by phone and email, his fees were reasonable and he was a pleasure to work during a stressful time. I then had to call him when my ex-spouse stopped paying the support, with just one letter and a call he got him to pay and he didn’t even charge me. I recommend him and everyone in his divorce group the truly care.

Great divorce attorney

Posted by: K.robb, an Alimony client, 2011-12-18.

Client Review:

Howard helped me during my divorce case and really protected me. He made sure I understood all of the financial issues and we worked together to get very good results.

Great divorce counsel

Posted by: Michael, a Divorce client, 2011-12-18.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in a very difficult divorce. My ex was not being reasonable. She was trying to spend as much of our marital estate as she could and trying to ruin our credit. Howard was able to demonstrate her actions to the court and we stopped her and her attorney. Howard is a great attorney and I thank him and his office.

Best family law attorney in Boston

Posted by: Paul, a Divorce client, 2011-12-11.

Client Review:

Howard represented me during my divorce and did an outstanding job. I then hired him to defend me on a baseless contempt my ex filed against me and we won that. He then represented me when she tried to modify the agreement and we won that too. 3 for 3 you can’t get better than that. He always kept in touch and even gave me his cell number. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Howard is great counsel and great people.

Great attorney

Posted by: Julia, a Divorce client, 2011-12-07.

Client Review:

Howard represented me during my divorce and he did a very honest and quality job. From the beginning I could see the difference between my attorney and my husbands. Howard was always asking me what I needed and looking out for my children’s best interests while my husbands didn’t seem to care about our family. I truly recommend Howard and his law firm.

Attorney Lewis is the best divorce attorney.

Posted by: KathyT, an Alimony client, 2011-12-06.

Client Review:

Howard helped me during the most difficult time and he did so with class and integrity. He is a true gentleman, the strongest advocate in the city and a winner. He helped me find strength in myself I didn’t know I had.

Great advice and great attorney

Posted by: CT, a Divorce client, 2011-12-05.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in my divorce and really helped me during a tough time in my life. He made sure I was financially protected and that I received joint custody of my boys which meant everything to me.

Best attorney

Posted by: Owen, a Divorce client, 2011-12-04.

Client Review:

My wife kept on filing motion after motion to alter our separation agreement. Two attorneys told me to settle after I already spent thousands on legal fees. Howard told me that if I was right we should stand and fight back. He was right. We fought back and won. He is one of Boston’s finest attorneys and just as good a businessman. Howard saved me a lot of money and more importantly time. Money you can make time you can never replace. I wholeheartedly recommend Howard as a great divorce attorney.

Truly exceptional attorney

Posted by: JM, an Alimony client, 2011-12-01.

Client Review:

I hired two other firms for my divorce but they weren’t listening to me or the needs of my case. As soon as I hired Howard we sat down and he insisted that I tell him what I wanted. He was honest he advised me what the court was likely to do and what I could do to make my case stronger. I took his advice and we got a great result even though it was a difficult time for me he made it better. Thank you.

Best counsel in Boston for divorce attorneys!

Posted by: PatF, an Alimony client, 2011-11-30.

Client Review:

I travel a lot for my company so I had to rely on attorney referrals. My corporate counsel gave me 3 names and I chose Howard. Best decision I made in a long time. He did everything he promised and more. I value his opinion and his counsel He kept his cool when my wife’s attorney started lying in court and made sure I kept mine. That alone won a major hearing and changed the whole case. He is a great lawyer and a very honorable man. Very tough and very fair. I recommend him.

Best of the best divorce lawyers

Posted by: Jennifer, an Alimony client, 2011-11-29.

Client Review:

Howard took over my case and described exactly what would happen and how it would happen and always and I repeat always made sure I understood what was going on and made sure I was involved in all the decisions. He treated me like family and protected me. I spent on third of what my husband spent and I received a very very good alimony award and child support award. I am very happy with my divorce I am financially protected and I have my life back. Howard is the type of guy you want in your corner and hope the other side doesn’t get him first. Plus he is funny and always true gentlemen. I am proud to call him my lawyer and my friend.

Very professional and the best divorce attorney in Boston!!!!!!

Posted by: Ann H, a Divorce client, 2011-11-28.

Client Review:

Howard handled my divorce and explained every single step to me. He worked with me as much as I needed him too. Sometimes I had questions at night or weekends and he was always accessible and helpful. When it came to court my husband’s attorney tried to misstate the facts and Howard made sure the judge heard our since which was the truth. He was awesome in court and we ended with a great agreement. I have recommended him on many other sites and to friends and I always will!

Great attorney-best I have ever worked with!

Posted by: KatieB, a Divorce client, 2011-11-25.

Client Review:

Howard helped me on a modification of my divorce. He fixed my agreement so that it was fair and not as one sided as before. He was always there for me and he literally repaired in 4 months what my prior attorney took almost 2 years to do. He is very well spoken in court and sums up loudly and clearly to the judge exactly what needs to be said. He is the best divorce lawyer in town.

Best divorce attorney

Posted by: LF, a Divorce client, 2011-11-22.

Client Review:

My wife served me with divorce papers at my company and I was shocked. I called 5 lawyers met with 3 and hired Howard 10 minutes after meeting him because I knew he was the one who could protect me. My friends and family thought I would lose everything but Howard assured me that if we. Worked hard and smart I would be fine. The case turned out better than expected. I kept my company and I am actually happier now than I have ever been. Howard was always there for me and I recommend him to anyone who needs help. He is one of the best divorce attorneys in MA and I thank him and his great team.

Calm to my chaos

Posted by: CRL, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-11-22.

Client Review:

Howard is an exceptional lawyer whose experience and knowledge brought me favorable results and a calming effect when I felt defenseless. I highly recommend both he and his partner.

True professional

Posted by: Mirna, an Alimony client, 2011-11-17.

Client Review:

Howard is the best attorney in Boston and I will happily tell anyone who needs a strong, aggressive and honest attorney exactly that. He was the only attorney to finally shut my husband and his attorney up and get the judge to listen to my side of the story and when she did listen and Howard made his arguments we won the case. I have recommended him to at least 5 other friends male and female and they are just as pleased. He is great.

Trustworthy attorney

Posted by: Janet, a Child Support client, 2011-11-16.

Client Review:

Howard helped me prove to the court my ex was lying and making more money than he listed on his financial statements. He stood by me when two of Boston’s supposed top attorneys tried to charge me a ridiculous fee and made me doubt my case. Howard believed in me and he was great in and out of court. He changed my life.

Best divorce attorney in Massachusetts

Posted by: Stu, an Alimony client, 2011-11-15.

Client Review:

My wife of 18 years came home and told me she wanted a divorce and unless I did exactly what she wanted and when she wanted it she would destroy me. I interviewed the best lawyers in Boston and chose Howard based upon other attorney recommendations and price. We fought back hard and they gave in. Howard gave me strong intelligent strategy which worked. If you need the best hire him. On top of it all he’s a nice honest and ethical man who’s fun to have a drink with.

Howard is everything you want in a lawyer

Posted by: Mitchell, an Alimony client, 2011-11-10.

Client Review:

He does what is best for you and your family. He is everything all the reviews say and more. He finished my case in half the time and got me twice as much as my other lawyers. Great attorney great person!!!!!

All the reviews I read were 100 percent true

Posted by: Daniel, a Divorce client, 2011-11-10.

Client Review:

Howard went above and beyond anything I thought a lawyer would ever do. He called me back at night on weekends and during xmass. He kept his promise to protect me. I read all his reviews and he was better than I ever could have hoped for. He is the best there is and he’s honest aggressive and cute. Everyone loves him. The reviews don’t do him justice.

Best of the best

Posted by: Paul, an Alimony client, 2011-11-09 3 months ago.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my divorce and respected me, my children and even my wife which made the process a lot easier. He is honest and hardworking. He is one of the most intelligent professional have ever worked with. I highly recommend him and I owe him a lifetime of gratitude and respect. If you need a brilliant and aggressive lawyer he is the best in ma. I heard he was a super lawyer and he proved it.

Super lawyer in Boston

Posted by:, a Divorce client, 2011-11-09.

Client Review:

I hired Howard from the alumni office at my college. They told me he was the best in domestic relations and that he was a problem solver not a problem creator. At the first court hearing he was gracious, classy and aggressive. The judge listened to us and all our motions were allowed. Howard is an awesome attorney and I owe him a lot. Everyone in court respects him including the clerks and the judges.

Best attorney

Posted by: Paul, an Alimony client, 2011-11-08.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in my divorce and did an incredible job given very challenging facts. He protected me and fought for my rights. I was overwhelmed with the outcome it was truly spectacular. Howard is the best there is.

Best Decision I ever made hiring Howard Lewis

Posted by: Dave, an Alimony client, 2011-11-08.

Client Review:

I hired Howard’s law firm based upon recommendations from court clerks and other referrals. He exceeded my expectations and produced results that were exceptional. I have since referred Howard to other Harvard alumni and I will always give him the highest accolades.

He was always there for me and produced great results

Posted by: Michelle, a Divorce client, 2011-11-07.

Client Review:

Howard helped me get child support and alimony after two other attorneys gave up on me. He wouldn’t quit or give in even when my ex threatened both of us. He protected me and I will always be thankful. All lawyers are not alike. Howard is the best in his business and in ma. I recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce attorney. He didn’t make my case bigger or more expensive than necessary and his legal advice was priceless.

Great attorney

Posted by: Carol, an Alimony client, 2011-11-07.

Client Review:

I hired Howard for a modification to help fix my divorce agreement. He always returned my calls and emails. We discussed strategy and he fixed all the mistakes that my prior attorneys made and I feel a hundred times better about my case. He is honest hard working and brilliant in court.

Best divorce lawyer in Boston

Posted by: Melissa, a Divorce client, 2011-11-04.

Client Review:

Howard helped me modify my divorce and prove to the court my ex was lying and hiding assets which I needed for child support. He took over where 3 other lawyers gave up on me because my ex was so abusive and annoying. Howard is the best there is and I recommend him and his team who are all great attorneys.

Boston’s best attorney

Posted by: Jason, a Alimony client, 2011-11-01

Client Review:

I hired Howard and he came to court and honestly completely destroyed my wife’s attorney. We won every motion and for the first time in two years I felt the judge truly listened to me. He is the best and I owe him a lot. I will always hire Howard and his law firm. He is more than just a lawyer he lives for his cases.

Incredible counsel

Posted by: Tatyana, a Child Support client, 2011-10-29.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis represented me when my husband stopped paying alimony and child support. We filed contempt and although my ex was lying we showed the judge the truth and they actually put my ex in handcuffs after our last hearing needless to say I received every penny he owed me and since the last court date my payments have been on time. Howard always kept me positive he is the best lawyer in ma and I think the whole world.

Incredible lawyer

Posted by: Thomas, a Divorce client, 2011-10-29.

Client Review:

Howard represented me over the course of 3 years during which my wife kept taking me back to court to change our deal and to change our custody arrangement. We won every time. He always was on time and fully prepared for court. In fact he was always more prepare than my wife’s attorneys. He is one of the best professionals I have ever worked with.

Wonderful attorney

Posted by: Coreen, a Divorce client, 2011-10-19.

Client Review:

Howard returned my call late one evening when I thought my whole life was over. He explained the divorce process to me and moved his schedule around to accommodate my travel plans and my emergency. He was always there for me and protected me financially and legally. I will always recommend him.

This attorney over delivers and under charges he is great

Posted by: Barb, a Divorce client, 2011-10-18

Client Review:

Howard and his firm helped me during a vicious custody fight and I won. I thought I was going to be broke or pay him back over a lifetime however he looked me right in the eye and said pay me when you can because I trust you and I know we did the right thing together. My daughter is now in medical school and I am so proud of her. Since then I have referred many cases to his office and we still stay in touch by email. It’s not uncommon to get a quick email sometimes from Howard just asking how I am doing and you know what he really wants to know. Wish I could say more great things bit I’m not a very good writer. I am a good mother and thanks to Howard my daughter’s future was protected.

Saved me – he is the best divorce attorney in Ma

Posted by: Thomas, a Divorce client, 2011-10-17.

Client Review:

My wife lied in court and filed a restraining order against me which gave me 5 minutes to get my toothbrush and leave the home I built with my own two hands. Then she went to court and made up more lies. Howard was recommended to me by a woman I work with and we met and developed a strategy together it was work but in the end the ro was vacated and I got to buy her out of the house. I pay a fair amount of child support which I have no problem with but the best thing is she didn’t get a dime of alimony because Howard uncovered all her lies. I wish I could do more for him. If you don’t hire him you better pray the other side doesn’t. He is awesome.

Protected me during my divorce!

Posted by: Sandy, a Divorce client, 2011-10-13.

Client Review:

Howard handled my divorce case from the beginning to the end with the utmost class and dignity he promised. The opposing attorney tried to make a bigger deal out of certain things and he didn’t allow me to fall into that trap. We brought my husband’s slanderous accusations to the judge and we were awarded costs against them. I received a much higher alimony and child support than I expected. Howard is a great attorney and true gentleman. Anyone who wants a great counselor and litigator must hire Howard.

Best divorce attorney period

Posted by: Kirsten, an Alimony client, 2011-10-11.

Client Review:

Howard is the best divorce attorney in Boston without doubt. The judges respect him and the opposing attorneys fear him because he fights for his clients. I have referred many people to him after my divorce and they were all happy. He did a great job for me getting me a huge alimony award after trial.

Great Counsel

Posted by: Terry, a Divorce client, 2011-10-10

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis represented me last year in my divorce. My wife of almost 14 years had an affair and then filed for a divorce. She tried to take our family home by filing a false restraining order and then keep my kids away from me. I called Howard on the weekend and by Monday he was already working on our plan. We won every motion and even though she lied and said she couldn’t work the judge said she had to try and in the end she was forced to work like everyone else in this country. I felt our judgment was very fair. I was always happy to pay child support for my kids but I didn’t have to pay alimony because she didn’t need it. Howard is a great lawyer and a great person I would and I have recommended him.

Super lawyer

Posted by: Ann, a Divorce client, 2011-10-09.

Client Review:

I heard he was a super lawyer and after working with him for over a year I can testify to it. Howard fought very hard for me when we were in court but always remained respectful and courteous knowing my children would hear about each court date from my husband even though the judge told my ex not to involve the kids. We kept our integrity and my children are fine. I received alimony and child support plus the house. Howard and his team treated me like family and I will always recommend him. In my opinion he is the best there is.

Best lawyer in Massachusetts

Posted by: Tina, a Divorce client, 2011-10-09.

Client Review:

Howard and his group helped me in two matters. The first was my divorce and I received a very fair judgment after trial, in fact it was more than I hoped for. The second was contempt because my ex kept trying to control me by paying late etc. We won the contempt and since then everything has been smooth. I feel 20 years younger and I am happy. I would unconditionally and emphatically recommend attorney Howard Lewis and his entire law firm. They always took my call, met with me in one of their offices which was most convenient for me and all emails were returned right away and on weekends and nights. Howard is an incredible attorney and a great litigator in court.

Wonderful divorce attorney

Posted by: Clari, a Divorce client, 2011-10-06.

Client Review:

Howard helped me when my husband filed for divorce and tried to take away my home and my son. I never thought this could happen. I interviewed the best attorneys in Boston and chose Howard. He fought for my rights and we won. I have since recommended him to 3 other people I know and he helped them too. It’s difficult to talk about such a personal matter but I owe Howard so much for giving me my life back I will always be grateful and recommend him. He is no doubt the best.

Excellent attorney

Posted by: Michelle, an Alimony client, 2011-10-02.

Client Review:

Howard represented me during my divorce and was more than just my attorney and counsel, he protected me from making emotional decisions and as a result I received an excellent judgment. He was always available to answer my questions and when I had matters that required attention a few times on the weekends and evenings he would call me back and even meet in person.

Best divorce lawyer

Posted by: Tim, a Divorce client, 2011-09-26.

Client Review:

Howard worked on my divorce and did a great job. It was a difficult situation but he solved the issues with my best interests in mind legally and financially. I feel he is one of the best lawyers in Boston.

Great Framingham lawyer

Posted by: Marlene, a Divorce client, 2011-09-23.

Client Review:

Howard helped me in a very stressful divorce case where my husband was lying and hiding money from his business. We uncovered the truth and I received alimony and the house. He is not just a great attorney he is a great person who cares about his clients and his profession.

Tremendous results- awesome lawyer

Posted by: kennedy, a Divorce client, 2011-09-22.

Client Review:

I hired attorney Lewis upon the recommendation of two friends who promised me that he would solve all of my divorce problems. I interviewed 5 attorneys and chose him. I am glad I did because he helped me protect my future and I was able to keep our family home. I owe him a lot and I have and always will refer others to him.

A credit to the legal profession- a great lawyer

Posted by: Gary, an Alimony client, 2011-09-21.

Client Review:

Howard took over my divorce and changed the whole game. My wife’s attorney was pushing my other lawyer around and wasting our family’s money on useless paperwork. Howard stepped right up and fought for me and we were able to resolve the entire divorce in a short period of time and in the end, I still get along with my wife. He is wonderful.

I heard he was a super lawyer and he is more than that

Posted by: Jacqueline, an Alimony client, 2011-09-19.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis completely absorbed my case and solved each and every issue all the while making sure I was involved and consulted. He treated me like family and I felt protected and supported. He is an awesome person a beautiful soul and a tough attorney.

Best Lawyer I ever worked with

Posted by: Ron, a Divorce client, 2011-09-09.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis helped me through my divorce; he kept his promise by solving the problems without making them worse. His billing was very fair and his advice was practical and effective. If all lawyers were like him, the profession would have a better reputation. Howard is in my opinion the best divorce lawyer in Boston. I will forever be thankful to him.


Posted by: Chris, a Child Support client, 2011-09-07.

Client Review:

I hired Attorney Lewis after lost my job and couldn’t pay my bills or meet my child support obligations. My ex took me to court right away for contempt and tried to make me out to be a monster. However, Atty Lewis successfully defended me and got the contempt dismissed. I’m now working again and back on track thanks to him and his team.

Top Divorce Attorney In Boston

Posted by: Mary, an Alimony client, 2011-09-06.

Client Review:

Howard walked me through the divorce process and made sure that I was aware of each and every step. He made sure I was comfortable with the process and fought very hard to protect my rights. I am financially comfortable for the rest of my life and my children are protected for high school and college as well. Howard is an awesome attorney.

Ultimate professional

Posted by: Emma, a Divorce client, 2011-09-05.

Client Review:

Howard represented me in my divorce and worked with me during the whole process. He would always keep me informed and suggested strategies that were always honest ethical and above all else affective. I hope to never need him for a divorce again but if you are going through this process he is the one to hire and I would hire him and his firm for other matters and I since have recommended him to others. On top of being a strong and brilliant attorney Howard is truly a nice person.

Thank you thank you thank you

Posted by: Shelly, a Divorce client, 2011-09-03.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis and his divorce practice group treated me like family and helped me through the worst time in my life. They were there for me and protected me. Howard kept his promise and made sure I was financially secure. I never dreamed I would be divorced but life changes. If you need legal help I recommend Howard.

Best of the best Divorce Attorneys in Massachusetts

Posted by: Sandy, an Alimony client, 2011-09-02.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my original divorce and he did an incredible job. My husband then tried to take me back to court and change the agreement and we shut them down and haven’t heard from him since. I got everything I wanted plus freedom and peace of mind. He is more than an attorney he is a gentleman and a true advocate.

I’d have to say, the TOP LAWYER in Massachusetts

Posted by: SCOTT, a Car Accident client, 2011-09-01.

Client Review:


Excellent results!

Posted by: Denise, a Divorce client, 2011-08-30.

Client Review:

Atty Lewis represented me on a modification of my divorce. He actually was able to get me better results than I expected and I am very happy with the outcome. I highly recommend him!

Super lawyer

Posted by: Elissa, a Divorce client, 2011-08-27.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis solved my divorce and financial problems when I really needed someone I could trust. He was there for me at my most vulnerable time and protected me (sometimes from myself) when I was going to make emotional versus intelligent decisions. I would and I have recommended him on many occasions.

Very pleased!!

Posted by: Nancy, a Divorce client, 2011-08-25.

Client Review:

I was referred to Mr. Lewis in the middle of my divorce by a good friend. My previous lawyer didn’t return calls and didn’t seem to be ‘working for me’. Atty Lewis wrapped up everything very quickly so that I could move on with my life. I would recommend him.

Highly recommended!!! A++

Posted by: Karen, a Divorce client, 2011-08-24.

Client Review:

Howard handled my divorce recently and I cannot say enough about his firm. I thought my husband’s lawyer was going to be tough but Atty Lewis really put him in his place. He was also really helpful at putting the real issues in perspective for me while he handled the minutiae. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Mr. Lewis has represented my family & businesses for 15+ years

Posted by: Michael, a Business client, 2011-08-11.

Client Review:

I have been married and self-employed for over 20 years. You can imagine the ups and downs that I have been through. Howard has been a solid, trustworthy and patient ally to my family and businesses.

During the great times Howard has helped my businesses grow, acquire real estate and quickly remedy anyone who tried to hurt us.

When times were tougher we counted on him even more. Howard has defended my businesses, my wife and I vigorously with amazing result. Best of all when it was time for an amicable divorce Howard was impartial. He met with both of us individually then together, reviewing all options thoroughly.

Ten years later my wife and I are still together. Our business is flourishing; our assets are still ours and growing. Definitely in part to Howards sound judgment and perseverance in many legal areas. Since the first day we met Howard so many years ago we have felt safe and protected, which has given us the freedom to do what we want in our lives. You can’t put a price on that type of security just know that we are grateful and please accept out thanks.

Best Boston Divorce Lawyer

Posted by: Elba Campos, a Divorce client, 2011-08-01.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my divorce and did an excellent job. Although this was a very stressful and difficult time for me and my family he always took the time to explain things to me, he always took my calls right away or returned my messages quickly, many time we spoke at night or on the weekends. He made me feel that my problems were important to him. He helped me receive a large settlement and I will always be grateful.

Best lawyer I have ever worked with

Posted by: linda, an Alimony client, 2011-07-31.

Client Review:

I have worked with several corporate lawyers in my profession but I never had to work with one when my personal assets were at risk Howard was fantastic he believed in me and my case when I was too tired to. we worked together and he helped get me an incredible result.

Excellent Service

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-07-31.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis made a very painful experience – my divorce – something I was able to get through thanks to his hard work, professionalism and support.

Excellent Divorce Representation

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-07-30.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis represented me for my divorce. I thought that I would be at a disadvantage but he fought hard for me and I am very happy with the results. He stood up to the other attorney wouldn’t back down. I recommend him highly

Knows his role and gets the job done!

Posted by: Z., a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-20.

Client Review:

True Professional, knowledgeable in criminal law, respected in court, values clients’ interests and concerns, gets the job done and does not ask for more money in the middle of the case like some other lawyers known to do!

Best MA Lawyer ever

Posted by: EC, a DUI client, 2011-07-20

Client Review:

Excellent lawyer, he help me with a DUI issue in no time, no stress, very professional

Howard made it a painless process.

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-19.

Client Review:

Throughout the entire legal process, Howard was helpful and kept me informed. He made the process painless for me. I would work with him again.

caso de divorcio

Posted by: Marie, 2011-07-15.

Client Review:

Hace 5 anos estuve en un divorcio. Iba a perder todo.Pero con la defensa y persistencvia de Mr Lewis sali con la mitad de la fortuna de mi ex esposo.
Mr Lewis, muy consistete, muy en defensa mia y salimos ganado.

Gracias Mr. Lewis. Tu ttrabajo ha sido muy apreciado.

Ganamos el caso.

Howard Lewis is a Fabulous Lawyer!

Posted by: Anna, a Divorce client, 2011-07-14.

Client Review:

I went through an exceptionally difficult divorce three years ago and couldn’t have made it through the ordeal without Howard’s professional expertise and personal kindness. He treated the case as if it were his own. I couldn’t ask for a more intelligent, hardworking and well-meaning attorney. I wouldn’t hesitate to have Howard represent me in any legal proceeding.

Dedicated Attorney!!!

Posted by: julia, a Divorce client, 2011-07-12.

Client Review:

Excellent!!! Howard was dedicated to my case. He was diligent and hard working. Thank you.

Confident, considerate, on point

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-11.

Client Review:

Howard was available on short notice and has done a great job keeping us informed and educated as to our options and responsibilities. His demeanor in and out of the courtroom is confident and considerate.

Good Lawyer!

Posted by: Elizabeth Gibeley, a Divorce client, 2011-07-11.

Client Review:

I used Howard Lewis for my divorce and he was professional and very informative. I got more than I expected. Thank You!!!

Knowledgeable Child Support Attorney

Posted by: Jacqueline, a Child Support client, 2011-07-11.

Client Review:

I received the best advice from Howard and always felt that he was truly listening to me. I’ve had attorneys in the past that would simply ignore or dismiss what I felt were important issues to be addressed in my case. This frustrated me and made me very upset during some very emotionally charged times. On the other hand, Howard would calmly explain what issues were important and why and why some simply were not important and a waste of time and money to pursue. It was very reassuring. My case would always bring up a lot of emotion and he was the voice of reason. I never felt that he was trying to make things more complicated than they needed to be. I really appreciated that especially considering the current financial situation I am in. I just got the feeling he was really looking out for me.

Outstanding criminal attorney, knows the law and dedicated to our case

Posted by: Rebecca Fitzgerald, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-10.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis has been my family’s attorney for multiple criminal and immigration issues. Starting with the first case, Howard knows that law, was able to quickly focus in on a winnable defense and is a shark in the court room. We have used him for several other situations since including immigration issues related to one of our most valuable employees. In addition to his legal expertise, Howard is incredibly responsive – doesn’t matter if it is during the work week or on weekends/nights, Howard will always answer the phone for questions and to discuss our cases. I would (and have) recommended Howard too many business colleagues and friends.

Great attorney !!!

Posted by: Bia, a Divorce client, 2011-07-10.

Client Review:

I am pleased to recommend Attorney Lewis. He was my attorney for my divorce matter and made a very difficult situation a lot easier. With all that I was going through I did not want the stress of the complex legal process added to it. He worried about all those things for me which allowed me to move on. I definitely recommend this attorney.

Exceeds Expectations

Posted by: Bob, a Family client, 2011-07-09.

Client Review:

Howard is an experienced attorney who is both knowledgeable and hard working. His ability to navigate through a process while keeping his client informed was invaluable and I would highly recommend him to others.

Great Defense Attorney

Posted by: Brian, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-07.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis was able to settle my case in a very satisfactory manor prior to my going before the judge. My case was reduced to a trespass fine. There were other first time charges that could have had serious consequences for me down the road and those were dropped due to Mr. Lewis handling my case. I would use him again without hesitation.

Framingham MA Divorce Attorney

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-07-07.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis made a bad situation as painless as possible. I hope to never get divorced again but would use him again if I did.

Attorney Howard Lewis Review

Posted by: Fred, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-07.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis is the attorney that gives lawyers a good name. He is both frank and honest and very willing to work with you when the chips are down. We are using him for a family criminal issue and so far he has met all our expectations and we remain hopeful that he will resolve this case in a very beneficial way for us all. Easy to work with.

Thorough and professional

Posted by: R., a Divorce client, 2011-07-06.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis was professional and completely thorough from start to finish. His knowledge and compassion helped make an extremely intricate situation understandable to a layperson.

He was able to resolve my legal issues promptly and I am so grateful.

Just terrific!

Posted by: Angeline, a Divorce client, 2011-07-05.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my divorce, dedicated with my case – which produced a generous result.

Will Contest

Posted by: Janice, a Litigation client, 2011-07-01.

Client Review:

As our attorney Howard Lewis was excellent in all respects. Mr. Lewis handled our case extremely well and knows the law! If I needed an attorney again I would give Mr. Lewis a call.

The best lawyer

Posted by: Steven, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-07-01.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis helped me in a very complicated case and we won.

Excellent Lawyer

Posted by: Brian, a Divorce client, 2011-06-30.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis helped me with my divorce and he was excellent.

Attorney Howard Lewis

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-30.

Client Review:

attorney Lewis helped me through a very difficult divorce–I felt that he really worked in my best interest–he took a case that had been mishandled and put it together at the 11th hour–no small task. I recommend him without reservation.

Wise Counsel

Posted by: John, a Business client, 2011-06-28.

Client Review:

I have consulted with Howard on various business and personal issues and have found his advice acute and wise.

We Mattered!

Posted by: Stacey, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-27.

Client Review:

I was in a desperate state because my son had been arrested. I couldn’t find anyone to help or even listen long enough to find out what to do. A friend referred me to Howard. He called me after hours, and I knew right away that he was different. Howard cares. He listened. He treated us as individuals, not as files. He met my son, and saw that he was a great kid, who just made mistakes, but wanted to turn his life around. Howard fought to give my son that chance. Howard is confident, and very knowledgeable. It was a very long, tough process that we went through, and Howard and his staff kept us informed. They never gave up. We wouldn’t have made it through this without Howard. He gave me my son back. He’s the best of the best.

Great lawyer

Posted by: Al, a Contracts client, 2011-06-26.

Client Review:

Howard has helped me through the years when I had legal issues that needed to be addressed. He is both knowledgeable and skilled in negotiating on behalf of his clients. He is an attorney that you want on your side.

An effective lawyer

Posted by: Michael, a Contracts client, 2011-06-25.

Client Review:

Howard M. Lewis has assisted us and our businesses, (retail office supplies, commercial printing, and real estate management, all corporations), with several legal issues, in both the personal and corporate areas. His understanding of the law, his ability to get to the crucial point in question, his zeal to effectively represent our position and help us prevail served us very well in all the matters which required his expertise. One aspect which clearly set him apart from other busy professionals is his usually immediate response to requests for information and updates. His ability to acquire and maintain a competent multi-lingual staff also recommends him.

Excellent Attorney

Posted by: a Real Estate client, 2011-06-24.

Client Review:

I have been employed as a probation officer for the past 23 years. I have worked with attorneys on a daily basis for the past 23 years, I would strongly recommend Howard Lewis as a defense counsel along with any other legal involvement you may require. I have referred him to family members as well as coworkers. I have worked with and against attorney Lewis in my dealings as a probation officer. I have found him to be hardworking, honest, reliable, knowledgeable and fair. I would never recommend him to family and coworkers if I didn’t believe in his ability.

Trusted Advisor

Posted by: Dwight, a Financial Markets And Services client, 2011-06-23.

Client Review:

Howard has been advising me for over ten years now both personally and professionally. He has enabled me to navigate smoothly through complex business deals and extremely difficult financial matters flawlessly. His knowledge of the legal system is extensive, but most importantly he views my legal dealings as his own. He is always available to answer my questions, no matter the day or time. Howard is an excellent lawyer who cares.

Fair and Responsive

Posted by: a client, 2011-06-22.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis is a fair and responsive attorney who represents his clients in a professional manner. Attorney Lewis is able to look at what is best for his clients and works to resolve claims aggressively for his client while still remaining grounded in reality. Attorney Lewis is the consummate professional and would be a great attorney for someone looking for a seasoned and respected litigator.

Howard Lewis is “a lawyer’s lawyer.”

Posted by: Theodore, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-22.

Client Review:

I have been a practicing attorney myself for over thirty years. When I have a difficult matter I speed dial Howard Lewis. He has represented me personally, and I have referred very serious matters for others to him as well. He and his colleagues are strategic and practical. They know the law and are respected by other attorneys, by the judges, and by court personnel… very important. Have obtained unusually good results with Howard and his firm. Their fee arrangements are fair and they put the client first.

Quality Legal Resource

Posted by: Matt, a Wills client, 2011-06-22.

Client Review:

Howard is extremely competent in a number of areas. I have often used Howard as an advisor for a variety of legal and general issues

Total Professional

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-22.

Client Review:

Howard is very professional, understands the client’s point of view and is always available. I have recommended several friends and family members and all have been very happy with the service Howard provided.

Excellent Attorney

Posted by: a client, 2011-06-22.

Client Review:

Howard Lewis is an excellent attorney. I was introduced to Howard through another attorney for help with a certain matter. He proved to me that he was on top of things right through to the resolution of that case and I have since used him for other matters and have been very satisfied.

Howard is the BEST!

Posted by: Rogeria, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-21.

Client Review:

I was referred to Howard Lewis at a very desperate moment in my life where my son was arrested and surprisingly being criminally charged due to a untruthful act; I contacted Mr. Lewis, after business hours, where he promptly returned my call being confident, understanding and compassion able to my son’s best interest, and to the situation I was going through. When he said “don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”, he meant it. Thanks to Mr. Lewis availability, advices, positivity, honesty, kindness, and directness to the court and to us, my son is free, and best of all, he can now see everything in a different aspect. We were treated like if we were part of the same family. I knew that my son’s life mattered to him, and as a mother, that is all that I needed.

Relentlessly Committed Attorney

Posted by: Cheryl, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis has been my family’s attorney for years.. When my son found himself facing serious criminal charges in a neighboring state, Mr. Lewis was immediately available, traveling out of state to appear with him in court within 24 hours. Additionally, Mr. Lewis was able to broker a resolution that greatly reduced the sentence. He also remained committed to my son, visiting him several times, aiding in having him transferred to Massachusetts, and guiding him through a successful parole process. I found Mr. Lewis to be highly competent, completely professional, and thoroughly committed to the best interests of his client. I have recommended him for a variety of legal matters to friends and family. To a person, they all have been extremely pleased with his performance.

Highly Recommended

Posted by: Amy, a Divorce client, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

Howard was referred to me by a family member when I first decided I wanted to separate from my ex-husband a couple of years ago. I e-mailed Howard to introduce myself and let him know of the referral and he was back in touch with me within the half hour and we set up a meeting for that same week. I work in a law firm and I can tell you that the typical lawyer is not this responsive. Howard walked me step by step through the whole process as to how things would happen. We kept in touch through that whole first year of my separation. He was always giving me good, sensible advice as my ex and I navigated our way through this difficult process. When we were finally ready to file for divorce, Howard took care of everything. He always had my best interest in mind, despite the fact that I just wanted to get it done and was ready to give up certain things I was entitled to. He always reminded me that I had to secure my financial future for when my children were grown and out of the house. I am grateful for his sound advice. He was able to draft and negotiate a Separation Agreement that was beneficial to me and accepted by my ex. We were able to keep things amicable thanks to Howard and that is making my life and my children’s lives a lot easier and happier in the long run.

Howard has changed my life!!!!!!

Posted by: Marty, a Divorce client, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

Honestly, I don’t know where to begin to describe Howard Lewis. I owe so much to him for turning my life around. I had been struggling since 2002, with an abusive ex-husband. I had worked, or tried to work with three divorce attorneys who were more concerned about the “hit” and then “running.” They didn’t care about me, and were so intimidated by my ex, who happens to be a brilliant, controlling, successful business man. The collection of their fees was paramount.

Within the last couple of years, I was introduced to Howard and his staff, and now my ex is “running.” Every year a new modification is brought before the court by my ex, and Howard has thoroughly prepared for the challenge, professionally delivered his argument to the court and has won for me! The tide has changed.

Howard always has time to listen; the clock is not ticking as with most attorneys. He is the very first attorney who truly understands and cares about my life and my children. I have so much respect for him and his office. They are truly a “team” of professionals that “get it.”

As a result of my experience, I have felt very comfortable recommending Howard Lewis and his office to many friends and clients. I can honestly say not one person has been disappointed. In fact, one dear friend said she could finally sleep at night… the “looking over her shoulder,” has stopped.

My only regret is that I did not meet Howard sooner. The first several years of my divorce were a waste of time, money and full of negative energy. That has all changed.

After my first meeting with Howard, I walked away for the very first time with a strong sense of SECURITY. I knew my life would be changing for the better and it has. I owe so much to him,

I had a great night’s sleep that night, and it hasn’t stopped!

Honest and knew what they were doing

Posted by: Don, a Divorce client, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

I was very impressed with the breadth of knowledge and expertise in my matter. Very prompt, dependable and listened to my needs.

Two thumbs up.

Trustworthy and Hardworking Attorney.

Posted by: Scott Vetstein, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

We highly recommend Attorney Howard Lewis when legal advice is needed. We have worked with Attorney Lewis for many years and when most attorneys say their clients are their main concern Attorney Lewis means it. He places his clients first and has trained his staff to do so as well. His level of service is unwavering and unparalleled.

Marijuana charge

Posted by: Francis, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-20.

Client Review:

Attorney Howard Lewis defended my teen on a marijuana charge. He is an excellent defense attorney. He took all the anxiety out of a difficult situation for our family. Very accessible.

Howard is such an intelligent lawyer he puts your mind at ease no matter what your issue is.

Posted by: Cameron, a Divorce client, 2011-06-19.

Client Review:

My experience with Mr. Lewis was very positive and professional. He stayed in close contact with me throughout the process. He answered all of my questions completely and quickly. He made a real difficult time in my life a lot easier for me. He made me feel that I was his only client. I have and I always would recommend Howard to anyone I know that might need any type of legal advice.


I would never use anyone else!

Posted by: John, a Car Accident client, 2011-06-18.

Client Review:

Howard has knowledge of criminal law like no one else I’ve seen. He will calm your nerves, and settle down your heart as you prepare to take on your case. He alone, has saved my behind and allowed me the opportunity to change my life. If it wasn’t for this lawyer I probably would be in jail somewhere and never changed myself into the person I am today. Howard’s brilliance in the courtroom is astonishing and impressive to watch, to say the least. I would highly recommended bringing on this firm to any criminal or civil matter!

Extremely reliable Lawyer

Posted by: Gary, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-17.

Client Review:

Howard is extremely reliable, honest, hard-working, creative, effective and very resourceful. I do not think you need anything more in a DUI or Criminal Defense Lawyer. I recommend him strongly if you are facing any type of criminal charges. He treats everyone with respect and dignity and works hard for each of his clients. You can’t go wrong hiring him as your attorney.

Most Honest and Helpful Lawyer I Have Worked With

Posted by: Savannah, a Business client, 2011-06-17.

Client Review:

Having worked with several other lawyers, I found Howard Lewis to be the most honest and upfront out of all of them. His response was always quick, even on weekends and he was able to answer my questions efficiently. If for some reason Howard felt there was someone who could better assist me, he was always prepared to recommend someone that he trusted and had previously worked with. Howard is always the first person I turn to for any legal advice.

Trustworthy lawyer

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

I found attorney Lewis to be very genuine and trustworthy. I felt he truly cared for me and my children. I also found that he really wanted me to know my options so I could feel totally comfortable in all the choices I made throughout the proceedings.

Just a great divorce lawyer

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Howard handled my Divorce a few years ago. He also helped me with a criminal case and all the charges were dropped. Going through a divorce was difficult and they made it go smoothly. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone, and I often do to my friends and family. Thank you Howard for all your help over the years you are great.

Great knowledgeable lawyer

Posted by: Chris, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Howard is very good when it comes to the law, I’d recommend to anyone I know. Howard and his team are very friendly and they get the job done

Performance Review

Posted by: Jeff, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-16

Client Review:

In addition to helping me personally with a workplace injury, in my capacity as an instructor of police recruits he has taken the time to participate in mock trials and question and answers sessions with students. I have always found him to be an excellent and ethical attorney.

Dover Divorce Lawyer

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Mr. Lewis was exceptional in handling my divorce case recently. I had many questions to ask since this was the first time going through a divorce. Howard took the time to review all of the different scenarios with me and help me to come to a finalization with my ex-wife which was fair and reasonable. When Howard was in court in the morning and I needed to speak to him, his secretary also handled everything with exceptional care and concern. I always received a callback from Howard the same day. I had a specific question pertaining to the “cooling off” period and about assets being evenly distributed. Mr. Lewis fought for me and made sure that I was not taken to the “cleaners” by my ex-wife. His fees were reasonable and I never felt as though I was ever being taken advantage of during difficult times. Thank you Mr. Lewis for giving me a new beginning in life!!!

Mr. Lewis went the extra mile for me.

Posted by: pete, a Domestic Violence client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Lewis explained my charge clearly and in terms I could understand. He actually had a second lawyer in his firm on my case as well. It made me feel very secure in the fact that my case was being handled by a Pro. He recommended and put me in contact with a top notch Private Investigator. Lewis led me thru the process with a professionalism that was very reassuring. He always took my phone calls, he always answered my questions. I was never left wondering if he was actively working on my case. When we went to court each time he explained what I could expect to see happen. He never made promises or got my hopes up. He was steadfast and very confident in my outcome. On the day of trial I was completely prepared by Lewis on what was to be expected of me and how I was to be involved. .

When the Trial started I was amazed by his defense. It was apparent from the beginning that he had done his homework. It was not just lip service. I felt like Lewis actually cared about me and my outcome.

Everything he explained to me might happen at trial–did happen.

I was never caught off guard or surprised. I just can’t explain in words how confident I was that I had chosen the right Lawyer. WE WON THE CASE!!

Howard Lewis is a true professional. He is smart, compassionate, and a great communicator. But most of all he actually respected the amount of money I spent to hire him.

Not your typical attorney

Posted by: Derek, a Litigation client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

At the risk of sounding cynical, but in the interest of full disclosure, I honestly dislike attorneys because in my experience each has had a really offensive attitude of somehow being better than we mortals. In addition I have been distrustful of lawyers because, again in my experience, they seem more interested in dragging out an expensive legal process than working toward prompt resolution. I preface my remarks about Howard because he stands alone in my mind as “not your typical lawyer.”

I have known Howard for nearly ten years and in that time have found him to be highly knowledgeable and honest enough to tell me when he doesn’t know the answer to a question. In that rare instance he remembers to research the answer and get back to me promptly. He understands the relationship I wish to have with my attorney and has exceeded my expectations in that regard.

When it is time to “do battle” with another attorney and/or go to court, that is when I most appreciate being Howard’s client. He knows law, he understands how the system works, and he knows how to get things done. It has been interesting to me over the years that someone who can be so pleasant in his dealings with me, can be so dogged in his practice when engaged in a legal matter with opposing counsel.

Howard’s work ethic is second to none. It is not unusual to receive an email from him over the weekend, on holidays, or late at night. He works assiduously at his craft because I really believe he enjoys what he does for a living and enjoys helping his clients. I can recall one instance a few years ago when he was in court for one matter and happened to run into an acquaintance of mine. She was in court for a relatively routine matter, but without counsel. For no other reason than he is so kind, Howard took a break from what he was doing to accompany her to the appropriate area of the court house and assisted her through her business there. And he never sent her a bill. That is simply and precisely the kind of person he is.

I’m pleased to provide this review of Howard because I couldn’t be happier being his client and knowing that he represents me. I consider him to be a first class attorney, but more importantly a friend of my family. If you are considering a new relationship with an attorney, I am pleased to recommend Howard to you without reservation. He is not “your typical lawyer.”

Consistently positive results

Posted by: a Prenuptials client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Our family has used Attorney Howard Lewis for several cases over the last 5-6 years with consistently positive results. We have referred several others and heard the same positive feedback. Howard Lewis is knowledgeable, personable and professional. Both he and his firm have provided personal attention and were clearly dedicated to our legal and financial interests. Having worked with several other much larger law firms in the past I now know this personal attention by an individual attorney is unique. I saw that Attorney Lewis has the experience, expertise and demeanor required to excel in the courtroom when necessary and the finesse and approachability to get results through mediation when it’s possible to save time and money for his clients. I have worked with Attorney Lewis on different types of cases including a post nuptial agreement, several contract reviews, a minor criminal case and a liability case.

Excellent attorney

Posted by: Chris, a Debt Collection client, 2011-06-16.

Client Review:

Howard is one of the best Boston lawyers I have worked with. He has a way about him that makes you feel at ease as a client but also makes you feel that he is going to protect you to the fullest. And, he does!

Best Divorce Lawyer in New England – Highly Recommend!

Posted by: Jillian, a Divorce client, 2011-06-14.

Client Review:

I found Howard Lewis to be extremely diligent with his efforts on getting my divorce. He saved me a great deal of money and time by combining one court visit to get my entire divorce done; he saw the opportunity and seized it. His prices were very reasonable. I was extremely surprised at the professionalism of not only him but his staff as well. He and his staff always took my call and resolved whatever issues were at hand immediately. I would highly recommend this law office and Howard Lewis as well to do the best job – quickly, diligently, efficiently and most importantly effectively. This is a lawyer that is not in it for the dollar he is in it because he cares greatly about his clients. I went and spoke with several lawyers before choosing Howard Lewis and decided to go with him because of his genuine caring and all the time he took with me at the initial meeting. He worked very hard for me and did a fantastic job. He also saved me a great deal of emotional suffering as well because of his efficiency. I am lucky that I found him, I was able to not be burdened by large legal fees. I would HIGHLY recommend him as the Best Lawyer in New England!

Excellent Trial Attorney

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2011-06-12.

Client Review:

Nothing could have prepared us to learn that our son had several, very serious charges against him.

A professional in the legal field recommended Attorney Howard M. Lewis to us. He told us that Attorney Lewis could help our child. He was right! Attorney Lewis has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. He is hard working. He has the skills necessary to deliver the best possible result.

From the very first moment we contacted Attorney Lewis we had a partner. We could sense that he knew what we were feeling and fearing. We felt that he shared the same goal that we had for our son: The best possible result.

The legal system can be complicated and frightening. Attorney Lewis is knowledgeable and very experienced with the law. He was able to break down the charges, explain the laws and what the impact of each one could be. He protected our son’s rights. Using his extensive knowledge and understanding of law he outlined to us the strategies he would be using. As the case continued his experience was invaluable to us. He was consistently prepared for every meeting and every court appearance. He always prepared us so that we would know what to expect. Attorney Lewis is very detail oriented and precise. He knew what to do and did it perfectly.

On a more personal note, we found Attorney Lewis to be professional at all times. We could see that he is respected by his peers in the profession. In the years we’ve known him, he has always conducted himself with the highest level of integrity. Hard working, he has built a successful law practice and business. He is also warm and compassionate. His personal attention to our son’s case is unprecedented in any other situation we have experienced. He responded promptly to every phone call and answered every question. We felt as though we were his only customer and that he was committed to doing his very best to help our son. We trusted him completely and he did not let us down. He delivered the best possible result.

My husband and I have and will continue to confidently recommend Attorney Howard M. Lewis to any family or individual who finds themselves in need of expert legal representation.

My husband and I are enormously grateful for all that Attorney Lewis has done for our family. We remain thankful.

Honest, Caring and Fights for what is right

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-12.

Client Review:

Howard gets back to you right away, he cares about his clients, does not allow his clients to be pushed around. I have known him for 10 years in dealing with him with other cases and highly recommend him.

An Attorney who isn’t afraid to fight for what’s right!

Posted by: Paula, a Child Support client, 2011-06-11.

Client Review:

Howard was referred to me by a friend. I used Attorney Lewis in a child support case and he fought for me for everything that was deserved and at no point did I doubt his ability. He did an amazing job for me and made it so I will basically never have to do this fight again. I highly recommend him and have recommended him to friends also. He is easy to talk to and listens to everything that you have to say and most importantly I never felt judged by him. I highly recommend Attorney Lewis to anyone who wants to feel 100% protected in the Court Room and wants to feel confident that this Attorney will do everything he can for you. I walked into his office a nervous wreck thinking there was no way I could win, totally stressed out and walked out feeling like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders and he did everything he said he was able to do AND more!

An Outstanding Attorney

Posted by: Judge Gerald Alch (Ret.), 2011-06-11.

Client Review:

Howard goes all out for his client. Very well prepared. Excellent in court. I would recommend him without hesitation.

They don’t get any better than Howard Lewis!

Posted by: Trisha, a Divorce client, 2011-06-11.

Client Review:

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Howard Lewis. I’ve never met an attorney (and I had 2 previous to Howard) who showed more integrity, honesty and warmth and caring towards his clients. He is highly responsive, extremely well versed in what he does and simply put, knows his stuff! In a very difficult time he put my mind at ease and accomplished more than I could have asked for. If you want an attorney who does everything he promises and who genuinely cares about YOU, Howard is the lawyer to call. I would recommend him to anyone and to those who have used him on recommendation from me would tell you the same. They don’t get any better than him or the others at his firm. He has only the best of staff. Everyone is WONDERFUL!!!!

Excellent Massachusetts Divorce Attorney

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-10.

Client Review:

I was fortunate to have Howard recommended to me by a friend. He was willing to see me and discuss my case just days after I first called him and I never felt like the “clock was running”. He made me feel completely at ease immediately, even when discussing very personal aspects of my case. I received a settlement that was far more than I had expected and was so well written that I, having been to court since the settlement, have found it to be iron-clad. Howard is extremely straight-forward. He is also kind, very well mannered, and extremely knowledgeable and more than capable of going against the biggest names in divorce law. Whenever I had any sort of question, it was answered almost immediately without any prejudice towards my ignorance of the law. I never felt rushed nor did I feel like I was being charged with abandon- much to the contrary. His entire staff quickly became a support network for me and I consider myself very lucky to have had them on my side. I truly would recommend Howard to anyone going through a divorce, especially when large amounts of money are at stake and children are involved.

Attorney Howard Lewis

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-10.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis did an extraordinary job with regard to my very, very complicated divorce case, in which there was much-at-stake: assets, reputation (I, myself, am an attorney), and so on!

Legal Dispute and Employment Dispute

Posted by: a Lawsuits & Disputes client, 2011-06-10.

Client Review:

I hired Mr. Lewis to handle 2 separate cases for me. One case involved a dispute with my previous employer over an employment contract and compensation. The other involved a case with a hired contractor who failed to perform the work agreed upon. Both cases were handled with utmost professionalism and settled very quickly. It was very apparent early on in my dealings with Mr. Lewis, that he is a knowledgeable attorney with lots of professional contacts in all areas of the law. He is very quick to respond to his clients and will not lead you into any sort of false pretenses, he is excellent at explaining all angles of your case, and potential outcomes. I would absolutely hire him to do any further legal work for me. I have 20 years of experience in Risk Management working for some of the largest Wall Street firms in the U.S., and have extensive dealings with inside and outside counsel….lots of which were the largest and most powerful law firms in the country. None of which compared to Mr. Lewis’ professionalism, client courtesy and depth of legal knowledge. He truly is an outstanding attorney.

Class Act

Posted by: Dave, a Litigation client, 2011-06-10.

Client Review:

I have known Atty Lewis for several years. It has been my absolute pleasure to have found an attorney that honestly listened to what my problem was and took action before I ever left his office. His immediate phone call and follow-up written response was all it took to resolve the issue and thus save me a lot of money.

Because of the way he handled my case I have sent several friends to Atty Lewis. Every single one of them has been more than pleased with how they were treated by himself and his very professional staff .One friend had a marital issue and had seen several attorneys which caused her to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars and the issues were not resolved until I introduced her to Atty Lewis. Every time I see her she tells me how grateful she is for my introducing her to Howard.

I would recommend Atty Lewis to everyone I know whether there problem was civil, marital, criminal or any type of litigation. Once you meet him you will be immediately impressed with his sincerity, honesty and intelligence.

Thank you Howard!

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-10.

Client Review:

I have to thank Howard for helping me through a difficult process – I was dealing with a divorce decree which was totally unjust – took care of one child and not the other! And, who wants to go back to court! Howard and his team were right on top of it – Howard knew what steps to take to get in front of the judge – helped me through a modification that I was dragging my feet on – and has a great demeanor in court, with his clients and with other attorneys – yet he knows how to find the Achilles heel! Highly recommend him – he does really care about his clients – and he is a bright attorney!

The attorney I go to for all of my legal matters

Posted by: Alina G., 2011-06-09.

Client Review:

Being an attorney myself, I am highly selective with whom I hire as counsel and to whom I refer cases. Howard is the attorney I trust with my own legal matters as well as those of close friends and colleagues. He has a plethora of knowledge and is a zealous advocate. I would highly recommend him.

Howard Lewis is smart, fair, trustworthy, highly competitive and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Posted by: a Business client, 2011-06-08.

Client Review:

I have worked with Howard Lewis on several occasions, for both business and personal matters. Howard uniquely combines intelligence in matters of the law with practical solutions and street smarts, a formula that really delivers for his clients.

Howard is honest when assessing a situation and will not lead a client on, simply to bill hours. He is a true advocate for his clients and continually exceeds client expectations. I have always found Howard perfectly prepared, having conducted extensive research on whatever legal matter he is addressing. He is smart and competitive, which gives him an edge over his competition.

Howard is great about communicating with his clients and works hard to be sure his clients are fully prepared for difficult court appearances. He is a compassionate defender of his clients and a formidable opponent in court. He also knows when compromise is going to benefit his client in the long term, and is not afraid to counsel his clients accordingly.

Howard also manages a strong team of attorneys and paralegals who serve clients, all of whom possess a remarkable combination of strong legal and interpersonal skills.

I have recommended Howard and his firm on several occasions and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Lawyer review

Posted by: a Divorce client, 2011-06-08.

Client Review:

Howard was a wonderful attorney while I was going through a terrible divorce. He was very kind and compassionate to me in addition to being very knowledgeable about the system. He took me step by step through the process and made sure I understood every point before moving forward to the next. I have referred a couple of friends to talk to him.

An excellent lawyer that I highly recommend

Posted by: Suzzanne, a Divorce client, 2011-06-02.

Client Review:

I was fortunate enough to hire Howard to handle my divorce. How luck was I?! He was extremely supportive, listened to my concerns, always made himself available to me when I needed questions answered and helped me to get a great resolution.

Wonderful Attorney

Posted by: Linda, a Divorce client, 2011-05-27.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis helped me with my divorce and basically saved my life. I have my home, my children and enough child support and alimony to live a nice life.

My Hero

Posted by: Paula, a Divorce client, 2011-05-20.

Client Review:

Howard helped me with my divorce during the worst time of my life. I thought that I was going to lose everything including my mind. He guided me through the process, explained everything to me and gave me a sense of hope and strength which allowed me to fight back and collect enough child support and alimony to keep my home for my kids. He always returned my calls even on the weekends and made sure that each decision I made was my decision and that I was not rushed or felt bullied by the other side. He changed my life.

Not Guilty

Posted by: Russel, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-02-05.

Client Review:

I made a big mistake with a few friends and I was charged with very serious drug offenses. I worked with Howard for over a year; he and my parents helped me a lot. I was found not guilty and it changed my life. thank you.

Honest Attorney

Posted by: Philip, a Divorce client, 2011-02-05.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis answered all of my divorce questions, worked with my wife’s attorney and made sure to solve our problems without making them worse. He made sure that my wife’s attorney did not create more legal work than was necessary and his fees were very reasonable and worth every dollar. I highly recommend him.

Incredible Divorce Attorney

Posted by: Karin, a Child Support client, 2011-02-05.

Client Review:

I hired attorney Lewis after my first lawyer was losing my case. Howard came in, fought hard for me, pushed the other attorney back and we were able to get the results I had hoped for.

Fought for me

Posted by: Dan, a Divorce client, 2011-02-05.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis fought very hard for me during my divorce process when I was very emotional and I needed good advice. He gave me excellent advice and protected me from my ex and myself, and he made sure I received the maximum alimony and child support.

Saved me

Posted by: William, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-02-02.

Client Review:

Howard represented me during a criminal investigation for manslaughter and if he wasn’t there, I know I would have said something that would have made it worse, the charges were serious but I knew in my heart I didn’t do anything wrong, but there was an accident and someone was killed. If it wasn’t for Howard I would probably be in jail now.

Wonderful Attorney

Posted by: Lance, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-02-02.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis represented me before a federal grand jury and his presence and advice allowed me to remain calm and answer the questions the U.S. Attorney asked without getting in trouble. I was never charged after the testimony.

Framingham Divorce Lawyer

Posted by: George, a Divorce client, 2011-02-02.

Client Review:

I am an attorney myself, but, could never, myself, have handled the difficulties that Mr. Lewis helped me with. I was married once before, for 17 years, with no issues when I separated the first time. However, my second marriage separation was fraught with difficulties, of which, only Howard could help me out with. Since then, he has become the only litigating attorney (whether for criminal, divorce, or, other) that I refer all of my own clients, and, other personal contacts, for excellence in his field.

Attorney Lewis is the best Lawyer in Massachusetts

Posted by: Frances, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-29.

Client Review:

Our son made a mistake and was charged with Trafficking Drugs, he fell in with the wrong people and was now facing mandatory jail time. Howard worked with our whole family for almost two years and eventually the case was dismissed. He saved my son’s future and we are very thankful.

Howard protected my interest

Posted by: Jackie, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-29

Client Review:

I was being threatened by many sources one of which was my own federal government and was subpoenaed before a federal grand jury. From the moment I hired Howard, he took control and ownership of the case, slowed everyone’s momentum so that we could breathe and work on a solution and we ultimately resolved everything. Thanks again.

True professional

Posted by: Andrew, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-28.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis resolved my case quickly and inexpensively. He always appeared in court early and ten times more prepared than the other attorney. We won a very complicated case and I would recommend him to anyone.

Attorney Howard Lewis saved my Home

Posted by: B.Finley, a Divorce client, 2011-01-27.

Client Review:

I was going through a difficult divorce and fired my first two attorneys, I hired Attorney Lewis and he organized a plan to attack the other side, prepared for trial, and we actually tried the divorce case my other attorneys were pushing me to settle. After trial I received double what was offered me and got to keep my home. Thanks

Excellent Attorney

Posted by: Suzzanne, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-27.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis received a telephone call from my family over the weekend that I was in trouble, he returned the call to my mother immediately, he answered all of our questions, appeared in court 3 times for me and had my case dismissed.

Best Boston Divorce Attorney

Posted by: Richard, an Alimony client, 2011-01-22.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis took over my divorce case, fixed all of the mistakes my first lawyer made and made sure that I was financially protected. He always returned my calls and was prepared for court each time. He was clearly more experienced and more aggressive than the other attorney my spouse hired and the court new that.

The most ethical and hardworking person/attorney I have ever met

Posted by: a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-16.

Client Review:

I was accused of a very serious crime involving a lying girlfriend and facing sex offender registration, loss of my career and my freedom, he believed me when no one else would and when we went to trial, she took the stand and the jury could tell she was lying. I was found not guilty after two weeks of hard work and trial. He even allowed me to pay over one year on a payment plan with no interest.

Incredible Lawyer

Posted by: Richard, a Criminal Defense client, 2011-01-03.

Client Review:

Attorney Lewis saved my life. I made a mistake and was facing mandatory jail time, he worked for 2 years, returned all my telephone calls at night, weekends, anytime, and he cared about me more than anyone ever has. I was found not guilty on 10 out of 10 counts. I owe him my life.