Is his debt my debt when we divorce?

Additional Information: If I get divorced, will I still have to pay for his debt? Even though it was all his debt? Will I be able to keep the house?¬† Married 8 years, no children, he worked off and on and has debt in many credit cards. I transferred balance from 3 of his credit cards to my credit card for a lower interest rate. He told me he was going to pay them but he hasn’t. We have a condo in Ashland. I put $15,000 cash down, his contribution was on credit, now he says that his debt is my debt too because we are married. I feel like I’m drowning and don’t know what to do. Help!! ATTORNEY ANSWER: There is always an understanding that marital assets and debt are joint, if you can prove to the court that it was his and that your down payment was
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