Questions to ask to a military divorce lawyer

  • Please explain the service member’s Civil Relief Act
  • Is the Code of Federal Regulations related to military divorces?
  • The number of cases the lawyer has managed previously that included military retired pay. Out of these, the number of cases that reached trial stage and the number that were settled
  • The number of cases in which the lawyer has represented non-military members and the number in which military members have been represented
  • If a spouse desires a part of retired pay as an award, for what duration must the spouse be married to the military member
  • What is the difference between an award of retired pay and maintenance or child support?
  • If a retired military member opts for civil service, how the division of retired pay would be affected

Ask questions to the military divorce lawyer and find out if he or she is able to provide correct answers to these questions. If you are able to understand the legal aspects of divorce that the lawyer has explain you, then you can explain your divorce case to the lawyer. It is vital to have good communication with the lawyer as it helps the lawyer to represent your case appropriately. Before choosing the lawyer, you need to find out whether the lawyer has experience of handling similar divorce cases. You can get the details about the lawyer’s previous cases from the law firm where he or she works.

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