Our divorce lawyers know how overwhelmingly emotional the process of divorce can be for both parties.  It is equally overwhelming and intimidating to sort through the divorce processes, court appearances, depositions, and filings.  We are here as your experts to support you step by step throughout the divorce process.

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The Divorce Process in Massachusetts

The first step is to consider the possibility of reaching a mutually beneficial settlement through mediation. If an amicable resolution through mediation is not possible, then the next step will be to hire a good divorce attorney you can trust and feel comfortable with handling these sensitive matters.

Your attorney will help you file the proper legal papers to serve the summons for divorce to your spouse.  The defendant then has twenty days to respond in writing.  Once the suite is filed and response from your spouse receive, the case then enters the pretrial stage.  Throughout that time, both parties still have the option to reach a mutual agreement and settlement.  If this does not occur, both parties have this period of time to prepare its arguments and collect all the necessary facts and documentation. Both spouses have the right to review the other spouse’s information during this time.  You may or may not be required to answer questions in writing, have depositions taken and requests for supplying the other party with information such as financial records.

Child Custody

Should child custody also be an issue in your divorce, the court may appoint a  “Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)”, who is responsible for recommending the best outcome for the children involved, which includes child custody and visitation.

While most divorce cases are settled out of court, if you do go to court, the trial takes place before a judge.  Each party presents their case and supporting evidence.  The judge reviews the case, and usually within several days renders his decision.

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